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How to remove the blog title from a Blogger blog...

Never mind... Success. It's interesting - I searched ALL over the web and couldn't come up with much. A little digging around and some rudimentary Java trial and error... voila. The Cowboys Way. How to remove the blog title from a Blogger blog. First off, take a deep breath. Blogger isn't as bad as you think... and Java isn't as scary as it sounds (who names code after coffee anyway?). Search for the following text (or variation thereof) that appears in your Edit HTML section of the Blogger backend: /* text ----------------------------------------------- */ #header h1 { color: $blogTitleColor; font: $pageTitleFont; display:none } #header .description { margin: 0; padding: 7px 16px 0 84px; color: $blogDescriptionColor; font: $blogDescriptionFont; display:none } Then add the bits in bold... It's that easy. And you would think the might of Google would've given me a helping hand. Index away bots.

Smart Card system for Johannesburg hospitals...

Just like to alert you to a story happening on our sister blog - All Scrubbed Up . I don't usually do the cross-pollination thing - but it's a helluva tech story. Read it here . Isn't is great to see politicians embracing the benefits of technology for the common good of the people? Sounds melodramatic. But if you knew how technically challenged the hospital system in the country was - you'd appreciate the thought. Check the article out - very, very interesting.

Post Match Analysis. Content Portal PING OFF.

What a race. And some surprises along the way as usual. Handing over to Naas to do the match analysis. Thanks Arnold. 1. First off, don't get too put off by packet loss. This could have been caused by a multitude of factors, most of them beyond the control of News24. Unfortunately this horse never got out of the starting blocks - but it happens. 2. MWEB's performance on the other hand is interesting. They are one of SA's largest hosting companies - 450ms is 5 times slower than IAfrica. You have to assume that the MWEB portal is hosted by MWEB? Don't you? Further investigation required - it would be interesting to see if sites hosted by MWEB suffer the same lag. 3. Average performance by IOL. I have nothing else to say. 4. And our winner, - by quite a while. Local is lekker after all, ne? Looking at a roundup of the weekend's PING OFF's - external factors could be plaguing South African sides. Only one clear indication - for 3 of our 4 contestan

The world famous SA PING OFF: Content Portals

The idea has been lurking around for a while now. And like everybody else I've considered hosting in various places. Some first world. Some not. :) So just how good are hosting solutions? Just how quick are they? Who hosts with who? I guess when you're hosting Web 2.0 stuff / hosted applications like us , it's a little different. Fast response rates are important. Ever been changing an event on Google Calendar and the thing just went bonky? Mmm Hmmm. Client side stuff not catching up to slow net connection. AND thus the intro to a novel little competition. From our offices (512kb Telkom ADSL - at the moment) - a horse race to end all horse races. A PING OFF. Yes. Some disclaimers. Obviously, connectivity changes based on the bank balance / mood of the Telkom CEO (not really, but it changes). So, to be truly objective, we'd have to run this test a couple of times. Maybe. Later. Also, Sandton is fairly congested to start with. It is, however, closer to SAIX internatio

Blogger donkey PINGED. Cowboys upset.

Here I am waffling on about the great PING rates of our servers vs. cheap hosting. Quite funny to take a look at Blogger itself, the platform upon which this blog speaks it's pearls of wisdom to the masses. 505ms AVERAGE . This cowboy is evidently riding on a donkey. What happened to the matrix like troupe of server farms alleged to be hiding somewhere within the Googleplex?

Beneath the surface of cheap local hosting...

Look. This isn't all doom and gloom. Let me make it clear that I applaud some of these guys for coming to the market with a differentiated solution . That's what we need for some healthy competition. But if you look deeper, this cheap local hosting (or mass resold oversees hosting) isn't all it's cracked up to be. First trick is the 200mb bandwidth cap - or at least some bandwidth cap on most of these cheap options. About 1000-1500 visitors a month is usually enough to kick your bandwidth over 200mb. This threshold can be considerably smaller if you're looking to host a blog - because the front page can be up to 5 times as large as a standard website (10+ posts on one page plus a preponderance of widgets!). And then... the coup de grace. What you're seeing above is called a PING test. The top window shows a ping to a "cheap hosting server", while the bottom window shows a ping to one of the servers in our rack at IS . Cough. Cough. Pat on back

TOP 1 REASON Muti users are succumbing to social bookmarking bad habits...

Been reading a lot about Digg circles , and how to get your site to the front page of social bookmarking tools - just by tweaking the headline. Cheating? Maybe. It's a bad habit. In my opinion. It means that people aren't reading the stuff that goes up on the bookmarking tools. They're voting up or down based on the title. Because if they had actually read a lot of the stuff, they'd find a fairly mediocre article, usually linking back to an original source. Traffic mongering at it's worst. So, it was with a bit of concern that I check out Muti's homepage the other day. No less than 3 crappy "Top X things" or "X Things to do". For those who aren't up with Digg culture, apparently, those type of headlines are perfect vehicles to get voted onto bookmarking homepages. Why, oh why can't South African users at least try preserve the integrity of what seems to be a well-used and intelligent social bookmarking tool? And to top it all off

Sharing events with Calendar Widgets

It's an interesting trend to spot - the upsurge in not only online calendars , but also widget like tools that allow you to plug a broad selection of events/dates into your personal calendarised life. Do a search within your Google Calendar for "South African Holidays" or "Doodles" and you can add some nifty features to your online life. These widget are available for Outlook as well. My favourite so far was sourced by Mr. Gray himself , obviously finding time between his vehement defence of 330Ci wallpapers available via WAP! :) Click HERE to download the widget - run the file (it's safe, and zipped up for protectection), and you'll find all Tri-Nations, Super 14 games, F1, cricket world cup schedules neatly placed in Outlook - ready to sync to your mobile device. Life is getting easier, isn't it? My girlfriend and I already use a "shared" calendar to keep up with work vs. social events. Friends from around the world, theoretically,

R19/month for 10GB web hosting... could it be?

Now, THIS should shakeup the South African hosting market. R19/month hosting. 10GB traffic served. 1 x SQL database. Phew. Welcome to the online offering from Ample Hosting . The now-curious me has to ask: 1. How "shared" is this service? 2. Are they reselling cheap American hosting in SA (very clever)? 3. If something like this takes off - how will it affect IS, Mweb etc? It comes with some fairly hefty SLA's. Standard Web Hosting Package Features: Cpanel - Control every aspect of your hosting plan. Instant Account Creation Free Technical Support Unthrottled bandwidth 30 Day Money Back Guarantee FTP Access 24x7 Support Access. 7 Individual email addresses Webmail, POP3, IMAP email access SMTP / Outgoing mail server 1 MySQL 1 PostgreSQL Database Auto Responders Downloadable backups of your website. 100 Mbit Courier Neutral Data Center 99,9% Uptime Daily Backups 24x7 Server Monitoring Who's brave enough to try them out? I'll certainly stress test a site.

SA Rocks!

I love technology. I love blogs. I love South Africa. Which means that something that encompasses all three - well... that's just dandy. What an awesome idea - using the power of social media to promote the country we love. South Africans are just so negative - perhaps this is another nail in the coffin of the pessimists. Check it out here .

Nedbank goes to the SPAM side...

I don't want it to be my place to point out the blatant disregard for privacy law. I don't want this blog descending into cynicism, or being overly critical of companies as they start maturing into digital marketing - but sheez louise. You would think a BANK knew better!? Picture me as a marketing segment. * 24-32 age group * own a house (they should know this) * own a car (they should also know this) * have investment accounts / good credit record (easily discovered) Then, PLEASE, someone explain how the marketing department of Nedbank can be so DOF as to send this SMS, out of the blue: "Need Cash? You are invited to come into any Nedbank branch and apply for a personal loan. For queries or to unsubscribe, call 0860 103 582." AGH... It's incorrectly targetted (in my opinion). It's unsolicited ( SPAM ). And it's irritating. Do banks share marketing databases? I have never, ever owned a Nedbank account or entered a Nedbank marketing drive / competit