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How to be an Active Citizen | PART 1 | 5 ways your previously loved stuff can make a difference!

Brought to you by , South Africa’s largest volunteering and goods donation platform. We connect people who want to make a difference – to the Causes that need their help! From spring cleans and moving house to just de-cluttering your modern lifestyle – we all have physical resources (our stuff!) that can really make a difference if donated to the right Cause at the right time - in the right way. Here are 6 tips to let your previously loved stuff free – and help others while you’re doing it. Donate tactically. Not every homeless shelter needs blankets and not every ECD centre needs clothes. The forgood website lists very specific requirements from Causes across South Africa. Match your resources to the right need and you’ll create more impact.  Communication is key. Communicate with the nonprofit organisation about WHAT you are donating and HOW much you’re donating – let them choose WHEN and to WHO those donations are applied. They are the experts after all! De