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Barclays Premier League Live. A pop up FAN PARK. 29 & 30 March 2014.

Opportunity arose quite fortuitously to do a post around Soccer. Just been notified of a pretty funky event available to Joburg Soccer Fans happening at Zoo Lake on 29 & 30 March 2014 . Remember the Fan Parks from the World Cup? Yup. Sounds like that. Firstly . I loved the Fan Parks during the World Cup. They were the most diverse, exciting and vibey places to watch soccer. Even though it was freezing cold. They also served beer by the case. Which helps. Secondly . I've been having some Premier League Football jealously of late. I've never really been an ardent soccer support - and having seen the emotional journey that most Liverpool fans have gone through of late (I'm told it's been a quarter of a century since they've had a pip at winning the Premiuer League *ducks!*) - I've been thinking of adopting a team. Problem is, my mates support Liverpool. Almost all of them. If pressed, I've always said I support Manchester United (which is not a great