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How to remove the blog title from a Blogger blog...

Never mind... Success. It's interesting - I searched ALL over the web and couldn't come up with much. A little digging around and some rudimentary Java trial and error... voila.

The Cowboys Way. How to remove the blog title from a Blogger blog.

First off, take a deep breath. Blogger isn't as bad as you think... and Java isn't as scary as it sounds (who names code after coffee anyway?). Search for the following text (or variation thereof) that appears in your Edit HTML section of the Blogger backend:

/* text
----------------------------------------------- */

#header h1 {
color: $blogTitleColor;
font: $pageTitleFont;

#header .description {
margin: 0;
padding: 7px 16px 0 84px;

font: $blogDescriptionFont;

Then add the bits in bold... It's that easy. And you would think the might of Google would've given me a helping hand. Index away bots.

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