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KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: You Don't Need Bandwidth To Be Awesome

If the West Indies have a flair for cricket, don't you think Africa has a bit of flair for tech innovation? We're just not good enough at PR and instead of telling our own stories, we tend to focus on the technology innovation happening in the First World. This keynotes aims to change that. Exploring 5 themes, from Mobile Payment to Crowdsourcing and Alternative Energy, You Don't Need Bandwidth To Be Awesome is a fun look at a continent that is learning to solve real problems with very little access to resources. See more keynotes by Andy Hadfield. This keynote based on the theme presented at SXSW 2012 by Andy Hadfield and Brett Haggard.

ZA Tech Show Episode 228 - Turning the Corner

Brett Haggard hosts Real Time Wine’s head wino Andy Hadfield and Shop and Ship’s know-it-all David Greenway in this week’s episode. Amongst other serious ramblings, they talk about: SpaceX sending cargo to Space. Kinda. The one year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death. The Foxconn staff walkout, and possible iPhone 5 shortage. The opening of the Sony Mobile Store at Vodaworld. What RAGE was like over the weekend. Windows 8 and the abolishing of MS points. You can pay for Facebook post promotion. HTC missing its Q3 targets. Rumours that LG might do the next Nexus phone. Our technology picks of the week: @ AndyHadfield : Google news real time coverage @ DaveGreenway : Google Now and Star Wars Angry Birds, coming November 8th. @ Brettski : and Guitar Tuner Built into GarageBand. Download the full audio for the podcast here!

ZA Tech Show Episode 225 - As Seen On TV

Nafisa Akabor, Andy Hadfield and Craig Wilson join Brett Haggard this week to discuss: iPhone 5, the new iPod Touch and iOS 6 Intel’s Haswell Processor details from IDF Samsung NX Series smart cameras The next level of filters on social networks Microsoft Surface pricing DragonAge 3 Samsung’s Galaxy S4 announcement Shazam – now with support for TV shows Our technology picks of the week: Nafisa : Wireless Wipes ( ) R50 for 12 Craig : Jesus from iTunes support; Wonpro power converter; Phoster for iOS. Andy : Prismatic . Brettski : WhisperSync for Audible. Download the audio for the show here!