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Or, if you're actually interested in the iPhone...

Funny stuff aside, I must say, this iPhone looks pretty sweet. Love the animation, styling, apple simplicity. The "picture zoom" function is one of those incredible, stylish functions - that no-one will ever use. Gotta ask:

1. How do you type SMS'es?
2. How do clean the screen from greasy fingers?
3. Will it sync with a non-mac?

State of the Nation - 2007 trends for SA blogging

The 27 Dinner and all the questions flying around got me thinking about SA's "blogging nation" so to speak. Where's it at? Where's it going? And what's in the way? A couple of thoughts sprang to mind. And they just happen to work quite nicely as predicitions for 2007. Somewhere out there is a video of me saying some of this stuff. Hoping it hits the blogosphere sometime this week.

1. The audience is not a big as we think (but it's growing).
There's nothing wrong with oversees traffic, but I've been on a bit of a hobby-horse lately about developing targeted, defined, LOCAL communities. Because only then do you have a tangible marketing prospect to leverage.

It's a wild guess, but I can't imagine there are more than 1000 active bloggers in this country. We have got to be careful of not just feeding off ourselves - both in terms of covering the same content - and divy'ing up the share of local traffic. The more blogs we have out there that c…

27 Dinner - a non-geeky success...

Just returned from a highly successful 27 Dinner - basically a mini-conference for SA's social media and blogging elite. Very nice to see such a large turnout for what promises to be the wave of SA web/media talent. Also encouraging to see representation from the Sunday Times and Biz-Community (who so nicely supported us in our Standard Bank article...).

Congrats to Mike Stopforth and Dave Duarte for the organisation - let's see more of this stuff soon.

Cowboys will cover the coverage. Symptomatic of SA bloggers stealing each other's traffic - but that's a whole different post. Hopefully one of the "big ideas" to come out of these type of conferences is a way to aggregate and conglomerate SA's content kingpins. Perhaps more on this later.

27 Dinner - Joburg Techies / Bloggers Unite...

It's time for another one of those blogger meets. Check out the 27 Dinner. Yours truly is speaking... A Saturday night of intelligent waffling is on the cards!

Forget Second Life - get a FIRST LIFE!

Heh heh. Saw this on Tech Crunch yesterday. Always a parody to be found on the Internet - although it does beg an interesting question about the cocooning nature of modern technology. Especially like the "it's free - go outside!" bit...

Visit the site here.

17/01/2007 - What COWBOYS are reading...

## Wikipedia Search Engine WikiSeek Launches
16 January 2007, 11:08:51 AM Michael Arrington

Palo Alto based startup SearchMe has kept a low profile since being founded in March 2005. The company, which has 17 employees and raised $5 million from Sequoia Capital over two rounds, will launch a number of what founder Randy Adams calls “long tail search engines” in the near future. The first product they are launching is WikiSeek, which went live about an hour ago and will be officially announced on Wednesday.

## Napster Buys AOL Music: What’s Next?
14 January 2007, 11:28:59 AM Michael Arrington

Napster is one of the oddest companies. It is a deeply unprofitable startup trying to grow a business, and with a huge war chest of cash. We have the rare ability to see deep into its financial situation because it is publicly held.

## Will the iPhone be a Serious Business Device?
12 January 2007, 11:21:02 PM Michael Arrington

I had a long debate yesterday with James Joaquin, the former CEO of ofoto and o…

And the masses shall speak... Apple launches iPhone.

It has arrived - and with it, shall come the biggest wave of Net Chatter since the PS3 supposedly crashed. Take a look! It's a phone, it's an iPod, it's a touch screen...

KFC ignores chicken-eating continent...

Baffling. Tried to order some chicken the other day, for a little bit of a New Years lunch with the staff and hit a wall. You would think, in a big chicken consuming nation like ours (let's not forget the wider African continent) - you would be able to Google KFC and hop quickly onto a website to get the nearest franchise, or at least a national call centre number. It seems, not.

The closest I could get was, which looks like a franchise purchase portal. And the worst I got - result number 3 on nog al... KFC Tortures Chickens. Ouch.

I guess the situation remains where large corporates still don't see a need for a local presence, and a well optimised web brand. My search for KFC on the web led me eventually to - where it become very apparent that Africa just wasn't on the map.

We ordered Steers. The colonel didn't seem to be listening.

We're back...

It's a new year - and we're back in town. Looking forward to less Blogger woes. More traffic. And more reporting on the real Cowboys & Engines of the technology marketing world.

Happy New Year - and best of business - to all our readers.