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How to be an Active Citizen | PART 2 | 9 ways to improve the IMPACT you create as a volunteer...

Brought to you by , South Africa’s largest volunteering and goods donation platform. We connect people who want to make a difference – to the Causes that need their help! Volunteer culture is building in South Africa, despite the tough economic situation we find ourselves in. It reduces stress, builds communities, improves your skills and opens up your world view. But volunteering doesn't come naturally. There's a lot we can learn and understand about how to interact effectively with the non-profit sector. Here's how you start... Be the best volunteer you can be #1 Do your homework and choose wisely – take the time to seek out an organisation whose mission speaks to you. Know what the Cause does, how they need help and if you can help them in a way that’s meaningful and useful. Ask other people if they know the Cause and if they have volunteered with them before. As eager as you are to make a difference, make sure that you balance your time and th