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Googely Meet 'n Greet - 19th November

Found on MyADSL (WHY? What on earth does it have to do with broadband? Sigh. The internet is so unfocussed these days.) Google South Africa is planning a ‘Get to know Google’ event to meet customers and partners. In an email sent to stakeholders, Google South Africa manager Stafford Masie invited them to the ‘Get to know Google’ event “to gain a deeper understanding of your business objectives and future plans, so we can join forces effectively to make an impact on the South African market.” The correspondence further said that the collaboration aims to “promoting the Internet as a medium to access information, advertise products, monetize content and communicate with your audience.” Arthur Goldstuck, Managing Director World Wide Worx and Vinny Lingham , CEO Incubeta & Keyjam will share their views on the medium and the opportunities it offers at the event to be held in Bryanston on the 19th of November... Sooo... Did YOU crack the nod? If you did, you're special - and

Does Amatomu need a content policy?

What's happening on our favourite aggregator ? Was taking a quick browse yesterday and saw the following? - - - - From : MSW LOTTERY FIRM Replyto : REF NO: MSW-L/200-26937 BATCH: 2007MJL-01 Dear Winner, We are pleased to inform you of the announce... in 419Blogger Shmaak It! | Favourite CONGRATULATIONS…(YOU HAVE WON) From : AWARD WINNERS EXCHANGE ONLINE LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL  THE BRITISH EXCHANGE ONLINE LOTTERY AWARD NOTIFICATION  FROM THE DESK OF THE PROMOTIONS MANAGER, INTE... in 419Blogger Shmaak It! | Favourite CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA CONFIDENTIAL from : usuman shamsudeen FROM THE DESK OF THE DEPUTY GOVERNOR CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA 1A AKINTOLA WAY GARRKI ABUJA. RE:PAY... in 419Blogger Shmaak It! | Favourite Congratulations!!! Your Email Emerged As A Winner from : "" Date: 23rd of Septermber 2007 Ref: 575061725 Batch: 8056490902/188 Ti

Intel invents beer-proof laptop

Fantastic news. I've lost laptops, iPods, cellphone and every other digital device known to man - to coffee, beer, swimming pools. My next toy. Beer proof, bump proof, surge proof, dog proof, child proof, wife proof laptop. Beer not included. From the Inquirer, I think... MAKER of chips and bits, Intel has developed a laptop keyboard which is beer, coffee, water, and fag ash proof. According to TVNZ Chipzilla boffins have developed a new type of keyboard that allows air to be drawn from above, but prevents liquids from passing through. Normally sealing a laptop keyboard from liquids will block vital air inlets meaning the laptop could overheat and blow up like a Sony battery. Apparently the new Intel keyboard is made from a semi-porous material that Chipzilla boffins have grown in a test tube. The keyboard can be sealed and the machine will not overheat In short, if you tip coffee, beer, or the spirits of your choice over your laptop the thing will still work. Chipzilla h

Microsoft takes $240m stake in Facebook

Gartner alert just in. It starts. By Chris Nuttall and Richard Waters in San Francisco Published: October 24 2007 21:53 | Last updated: October 25 2007 04:40 Microsoft on Wednesday took a $240m stake in Facebook, the online social network, a move that puts a value on the site, which has yet to make a profit, of $15bn. The software group has also beaten Google to striking a key advertising deal. Microsoft said it would take a $240m equity stake in Facebook’s next round of financing and the companies would expand their existing advertising partnership. The cash payment equates to a 1.6 per cent stake in Facebook, which is currently growing faster than the top social networking site MySpace, owned by News Corp. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, has remained doggedly independent in spite of a string of suitors and reports in recent months that Microsoft might favour a full acquisition of the company. The deal instead seals Microsoft’s exclusive relationship with Facebook to serv

How Geek Are You? Take the test!

Geek is the new cool. Geeking it up. Crisis. That's actually a phrase!?! Anyhoo - the movers and shakers these days are the guys and girls who embrace tech. Hells teeth - JEAN de Villiers and co. use game simulations to improve hand-eye co-ordination. Why can't we? Cool test has popped up. Not sure how new or old... HOW GEEK ARE YOU ? I'm only 45%. And I'm almost positive I got the Star Trek question right. (Who didn't watch The Next Generation when they were 6!?!?!). I wonder where the other 45% went? To Jeekness? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!? I'm interested in other people's scores ... (How geeky was that. Linking each word of a sentence. Sies! Funny thing is, I KNOW 90% of these people have got egotistical Google Alerts - just like myself...)

I just got married. Wife 1.0 sounds familiar!

Hehe. Realised today it is my 1 month wedding anniversary. Crazy stuff. Not much has changed - but then so much has. It reminds me of this little piece of wisdom... Thanks Ingrid ! - - - - - Dear Tech Support: Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend version 7.0 to Wife version 1.0. I soon noticed that the new program began unexpected child processing that took up a lot of space and valuable resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all other programs and now monitors all other system activity. Applications such as Poker Night 10.3 , Football 5.0 , Hunting and Fishing 7.5, and Racing 3.6. I can't seem to keep Wife 1.0 in the background while attempting to run my favourite applications. I'm thinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0, but the uninstall doesn't work on Wife 1.0. Please help! Thanks, A Troubled User. - - - - - REPLY: Dear Troubled User: This is a very common problem that men complain about. Many people upgrade from Girlfriend 7.0

GO GREEN - Springbok Day. Poms get OUT the road.

It's GO GREEN day. Ain't it cool. I have a particularly funky cap that says BOK BEVOK. Not really appropriate at meetings - but hell... doesn't look like much is happening past 2pm in the SA workplace today. Go bokke! Dear Lord - I hope we crush them like ugly built-up, traffic-infested, lulling-on-their-own-currency bugs. Yes. My mandatory SpringBok logo (pilfered from Google Images, like any good blogger) is displayed below. Come on chaps - 1 x Web Ellis please.


It's SPRINGBOK day. Why not. Apple Computer reported today that it has developed computer chips that can store and play music inside women’s breasts. The i-boob is considered to be a major breakthrough because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.

Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die – Bolton Deventer passes away

Wow. Pretty clever. Let's put aside the methods and the madness for a while. I've been in Thailand, so caught the tail-end of this fiasco . It's interesting. It's innovative. And I bet you he missed some mentions in the stats summary (Google Alert "Bolton Deventer" as an idea?) And... how much of that traffic came from the " dark art of SEO " tags? I've found All Scrubbed Up gets 80% of its traffic from search engines. That's a small local readership - and a broad tag-based audience. So, does the blogosphere feel small and insignificant? Perhaps. But haven't we always known it's small. Some key guys and gals who read each others stuff? But one thing we are NOT... is boring. Or dull. Or unimaginative. Real traffic will come. Patience is a virtue ne? I like Bolton. I like the idea. I wonder how many it will spawn? PS Hello! We're back...

We're back...

Salaam and good evenin'. We're back. All honeymooned. Fat. Tanned. Ain't it cool. Thailand was incredible... So rural - yet so connected. 20c per minute internet certainly beats a lot of SA joints. Anyway, it was great to get away and forget about high pressured Joburg life for a while. We're back. Post away. "Viewpoint" on Phi Phi Island Gettin' wet.