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Real Time Wine is closing (but that's not yet the end of the story)

An open letter sent to the users of Real Time Wine, Wednesday 23 April 2014. It's not all bad news as a little passion side project called Incogvino will come out of this. But it's time for me to move onto new things. So. Internet. What have you got out there that's cool to do? :) Hello Wine Fans! Let's cut straight to it. I've got good news - and I've got bad news. The Bad News. It’s a sad day, but unfortunately I have decided to close down the Real Time Wine app. Turns out we built an amazing product and an incredible community – but just didn’t manage to monetize quickly enough. In the South African landscape, socially active wine (and beer) drinkers with smartphones who wanted to change their buying and discovery habits… just wasn’t a big enough market. The app will be shut down and the domains redirected on Monday 5 May 2014. Read on to see where they'll be redirected. It has been a helluva ride. And I have YOU to thank for that. In my wildes

ZA Tech Show Episode 296 - Take your quark and stick it in your pipe dream!

It’s all about sidetracking and ratholes on this week’s episode as Brett Haggard and Dave Greenway chat to Boozehound and all-round Internet guy, Andy Hadfield about goings on in the tech world. Topics discussed include: The Cell C/MTN mudslinging match; SAFACT’s copyright blunder; Proof of the big bang theory; Google Play’s crash at the hands of a Turkish hacker; The ‘We Love Durban’ debacle; Microsoft’s upcoming cloud/mobile event; YouTube working on a kids’ site; and Standard Bank’s new iPad app. Our technology picks of the week are: Andy picks the new Lara Croft and  Pew Research’s new report on the future of the Internet ; Dave  picks the games,  Resogun  and Diablo 3 (after the ‘Loot 2.0′ upgrade); and Brett picks Cerebra’s ‘ Whose Tweet is it Anyway? ‘ report. Listen to the podcast here: