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The 2010 Spam Scams start...

This didn't take long. We're barely into 2009 and I'm already being propositioned by a very eligible gentleman. Mr Ray Edward would like to partner with me in a business venture. I'm tingling with anticipation. Although I hope his business ethics don't match the quality of his spelling. My name is Mr Ray Edward, I got your website in the internet, when i was searching for a good business partner interconnection to 2010 Fifa world cup that will be hold in your country south africa nest year, Do you know a good profitable business that we can invest? I did it in Germany 2006 and i was favored so much, Get back to me with your kind of investment proposal so that we can proceed now, Yours truely Mr. Ray Edward. It comes with a perfectly "normal" looking attachment: My name is Mr.doc In case you aren't getting the sarcasm. Don't open it.

Fifa World Cup - Round 2 Ticketing Phase has started...

Just got the news that I have access to some tickets through that first round ticket "lotto". 2 tickets to 2 games (hopefully one at Soccer City). Excellent! Total cost about R980.00. If you weren't successful in the first phase - get cracking... 2nd Ticketing Phase for 2010 FIFA WorldTM Cup starts on 4 May Be quick and you should be lucky! The 2nd Ticketing Phase for the 2010 FIFA World CupTM will start on Monday, 4 May 2009, at Noon (SA Time). There will be approximately 100,000 tickets made available for this phase, excluding the two Semi-Finals and the Final (matches 61, 62 and 64). From now on, the tickets will be allocated on a “first come, first serve” basis. Applications can be made at FNB branches or via the FIFA website ( ). For South African football fans who wish to apply at FNB Branches, they should bring a valid form of identification. South Africans need to show their ID, while a passport will be required for foreigners. Applicants that w