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SEO Analyst - Job available @ FNB Johannesburg...

Riggggghhht. Now where are all those smarty-pants SEO's who want to hop on board for a real challenge? You'll be exposed to the sheer delight of having me as one of your first clients. I'm a nice guy. Really. Pass it on - it's an amazing opportunity to come join a really solid and innovative digital team. If you're interested, pop me a mail on ahadfield at fnb dot co dot za - and I'll put in touch with the right people. Overview of Role The SEO Analyst is a position designed to support the efforts of the search engine optimisation team. This person is responsible for assisting with the production, implementation, and development of our search engine optimisation services. We're looking for a motivated, creative, and analytic thinker to join FNB Online, in Fairland, Randburg. As a Search Engine Optimisation Analyst, the person’s primary goal will be to increase natural search engine traffic from key search engines for our FNB Internal Stakeholders. The p

Can't write to a removable hard drive from your Mac?

I had this problem quite a bit. Get a removable hard drive from a colleague friend, reads fine on the Mac but try delete or move files? Nada. Turns out, for us non command line junkies that Windows' latest file system, NTFS, is readable but not writable on our beloved Mac OSX. Never fear - a quick bit of Twitter research yielded the following results. Thank you kindly to the respondents... GeekRebel : @woganmay @andyhadfield Mac can write NTFS with this very nifty fix: WillemvZyl : @G_Masta @woganmay @andyhadfield @stii Actually, Mac can write to NTFS, just follow these instructions: Igitur : @andyhadfield Try this maybe Those are the links... My personal favourite was from Wogan May. I learnt my lesson a long time ago. You don't sudo with shit you can't unsudo. (For the glazed eyes out there - Sudo is an extremely powerful but extremely dangerous command line function

The Geek Retreat: An Internet Industy Conference for South Africa

This weekend, I'm attending the Geek Retreat (follow the hastag on Twitter #geekretreat ). Debate is fascinating, a lot of it around entrepreneurship and ideas in the South African online space. Some great content coming out here and I'll post some thoughts as they come up. In the meantime, most of the content is being aggregated onto Scribble Live .

Google South Africa going hard at Adwords...

Received this the other day... Dear Google Analytics User, As a Google Analytics customer, we know that you care about the quality of traffic coming to your website, so we wanted to introduce you to Google AdWords. AdWords works by placing targeted advertising alongside Google's search results. To help you get started with AdWords we've sent you a voucher for ZAR1000 of Google AdWords advertising. The voucher is risk and commitment free, so start advertising today and drive more traffic to your website. Well. I'm hooked. Is this legit? If so - signs that Google South Africa are starting to ramp up the pace to drive budget through Adwords. And cross-selling. All ooh-aah digital goodness.

Presentation: Corporate Social Networking & RBJacobs (The Twitter Case Study)

Here's my presentation from Classic Event's Corporate Social Media Conference on 11 June 2009. It's a really important topic. Cut the bullshit around web 2.0 and social networking. Throw away the buzzwords. And try figure out how to make business sense of the new web. Enjoy! [For all conference visitors, feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to get in touch] Corporate Social Networking View more Microsoft Word documents from Andy Hadfield .

FaceBook Pages: A collection of Best Practice guides...

The FNB Premier Banking FaceBook profile is slowly maturing - a very considered and interesting experiment. During the course of its creation and watching it develop, I've done quite a bit of research into what's possible using the FaceBook Platform. This collection of links from Chris Onderstall (Fleishman fame) helped a lot. Thanks for this Chris - and hopefully it'll help you guys out there to learn more about this noisy, but very potential platform. List of the top Facebook pages and the fan pages that are rising the fastest (an essential list to see what the best pages are doing) + think of ways we can interact with these groups. Join the FNB Premier Banking group (good to keep up to date on what FNB is up to, plus this is a slick piece of work) (Ed's note - Glad to see Chris is supporting the home team!) Trojan Brand Condoms has a group that is creating cool content on a difficult subject Facebook profile and page applications (th

Memory Lane. My first ad.

My first foray into media at UCT Radio. Just found this the other day while sorting through 14000+ photos. Amazing where we all come from eh? This, pilfered from the early interwebs and put together in MS Paint. Probably on Windows 3.1 in a computer lab somewhere. Good times.