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Doing good is the new cool...

We've finished a nice little profile article for forgood . Thought I'd share... --- snip --- Wanting to make ones world a better place is a universal feeling and it is especially prevalent in the Millennial generation, who want their lives to count for more than just making money. So much so in fact, that social-networking sites such as LinkedIn, include volunteering experience as a key part of a person’s resume. Why? Research suggests that companies not only are more likely to recruit people with a history of community engagement, but they are also are more likely to keep them on, if they actively get involved in the company’s volunteer programmes.  Enter forgood , an online social platform that connects passionate people with accredited Causes; “We want to build the digital ‘glue’ underneath the Cause sector,” says Andy Hadfield, the company’s CEO. “There are some fantastic organisations doing amazing things across the country; we’re is the central hub that connects ind