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Real Time Wine and some semantic data...

As we go through the development process for the Real Time Wine product release (we're hoping June 2012), I wanted to keep y'all up to date on interesting things that pop out. I've been waiting to see the content we have so far ( 1000+ consumer wine reviews ) in a workable data format. It'll take some time before we see the full "big data" power of Real Time Wine interactions - but for the moment, we can already see some interesting trends arising from light semantic analysis of the review text. Check it. A word cloud (the larger the word, the more frequent its use) of the first 250 reviews: To be fair, the first 200 or so reviews were mostly by me - but I love visualisations like this. Words popping out: like - very consumer orientated, I like this, I don't like this fruit, fruity smells, tastes - have always said a good structure for a review is "smells like, tastes like, feels like" light, spicy berries, chocolate, creamy - I w

African Tech Innovation. You Don't Need Bandwidth To Be Awesome.

It's only right, given the nature of SXSW to open source all the notes for Brett Haggard and my "core conversation" that we hosted on African Tech Innovation. It's such an important and interesting topic. Thanks for everyone who came and took part in this discussion. The notes are messy and badly credited (but I did try to credit EVERYTHING where possible - it was collective knowledge we pulled from) - hopefully you'll find some stuff of value. Such amazing stories. Enjoy, Andy --- snip --- You Don’t Need Bandwidth To Be Awesome SXSW 2012. OPEN SOURCE NOTES. Always-on, high-speed connectivity is the ticket to doing awesome stuff in technology today. But in a continent like Africa, ‘The Cloud’ is something ‘The Rain’ falls out of. And still, innovation in the technology realm has managed to flourish and even outpace the more developed world. And with global growth being led by the developing world, these are lessons worth learning. We’