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Innovation Prize for Africa Announces 2013 Finalists

I always like sharing any information on African Innovation - tech or otherwise. It's important for us all to realise that the opportunity lies within our own continent, not in the First World. We innovate despite our situation. We have real, practical problems to solve. It's a good place to be. Here are 10 cool innovation ideas that have been shortlisted for the Innovation Prize for Africa. Big up to the South African contingent. What an awesome collection of #notfirstworldproblems. CAPE-TOWN, South-Africa, April 25, 2013/ -- Ten African innovators have developed practical solutions to some of the continent’s most intractable problems.  Chosen from more than 900 applications from 45 countries, the finalists for the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) ( ) 2013 provide practical examples of Africa’s investment potential.  The winners of the IPA 2013 will be announced at a gala dinner on 7 May in Cape Town, South Africa hosted by th

The new MINI Paceman JHB launch. 2 double tickets for readers!

I have fairly recently become a MINI fan. Well, actually been a fan for a while, but couldn't find one I'd like to drive - and kept on getting told that driving the convertible would make my wife worried that I'm not that interested in her anymore. Say whaaaat? :) Turns out though. Roving entrepreneur + MINI Cooper S (which goes like a bat out of hell even if it is a little go-cartish = perfect for this time in my life). Hence hooked up with the MINI guys and gals and have been interacting a lot more with the brand recently. Who wouldn't want to. It's one helluva brand. A particular competition piqued my interest. Typically I hate competitions, this one somehow sucked me in. I think it was the copywriting. MINI Paceman Man Challenge. Competition is closed but I think you should still be able to play through the campaign. Addictive, no? Anyhoo. The MINI Paceman is launching in JHB. I'm going. And the kind folks at MINI gave me 2 double tickets to give aw

MindBullet: Justin Bieber's Digital Demise (Dateline: April 2017)

Can't get more link baiting than dropping in Bieber death. But, this MindBullet from the FutureWorld chaps does highlight a bloody interesting scenario. Where: a) our lives are so connected to public facing technology b) facts aren't checked as much as they used to be You could very well get the situation where a false-positive from one of these connected technologies (think Nike Fuel Band on steroids in 5 years time) causes the crowd to get a whiff - and then, well, the truth is what you read. Scary. Or cool. Depending on how much you like the Bieb. --- "I ain't dead" claims the pop idol, but nobody believes him Dateline: 1 April 2017 It all started when The Bieb began wearing the new Nike LIFE+ bracelet. It's more than a sensor device; it's a 'whole life' application too. LIFE+ monitors your every movement, what you eat and when you sleep. It knows what you're doing at all times, from wildly gyrating on stage to bedroom an