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forgood is HIRING: Senior .NET C# Dev / CTO. [JHB]

Forgood connects people to Causes. We’re building and running THE technology platform for the social sector in South Africa – and eventually other developing markets.  Our dream is to reinvent the social space – make it more efficient, effective and help corporates point their CSI power in the right direction. We want to create real change by taking our simple concept of creating value within social interactions – and getting it to serious scale. We’re a proudly “for profit” – and believe in making money and saving the world at the same time. Our primary business model is to sell a customised white-label version of our platform into corporates as a tool to run their employee volunteering programmes. We need a CTO to take over dev from our long time outsourced partners. We need you to build and manage a tech team with the help of our Product Manager and CEO. We need you to innovate and iterate our platform at speed. We need you to help us continue to build the sexiest produ

The 7 Principles of Social Entrepreneurship (Taddy Blecher)

“If you want to be rich for 1 year, grow grain. If you want to be rich for 10 years, grow trees. If you want to be rich for 100 years, grow people." - Proverb These are the 7 Principles of Social Entrepreneurship , as adapted from a short talk that Taddy Blecher gave at a recent GIBS Social Entrepreneurship summit. Social Entrepreneurship is a tricky space. It's meant to fill the murky middle between pure capitalism and pure charity. But there are many debates ranging as to how to define it and the acceptable boundaries exist. Where can "social" meet "entrepreneur"? What profits can be taken out when balanced with social impact achieved? It's a fascinating space. Hope you enjoy these principles. Taddy is spot on. The 7 Principles of Social Entrepreneurship Be field independent. Operate within the field, but BE outside of it. Don’t get affected by everyday movements around you. Control the signal to noise ratio - noise will cause you to