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MindBullet: China swaps US debt for data (Dateline: 15 March 2024)

You've heard it a million times before over the last couple of years. Data is the new oil . But it's easy to say something, a little harder to figure out how that may impact our business lives. Just how valuable is data? I use a particular example fairly often in keynotes. Did you know that you can target "Expecting Parents" in South Africa using Facebook advertising? Think about that for a second. Think about how personal that data is. And think how Facebook can figure that out. Now if Facebook can figure that out from the rampantly inane data we post to the social network - imagine what you could figure out given enough scale and enough personal data tied to unique identifiers like ID Numbers or Social Security Numbers (in the case of the US). Now think how hard it is to reach customers using traditional media approaches. Now think if data might help you reach customers a little easier in future. Now read this. Stellar work again from my clever colleagu

MindBullet: 10 Million Fingerprints Hacked. (Dateline: 31 May 2016)

This caused a bit of a reading "double take". Having just moved fingerprint tech into the "mainstream" with the iPhone 5S, this is probably something we need to think through. Examine the trend. a) how many credit cards have leaked over the last couple of years? Hundreds of millions? b) how many passwords/user data leaks have we had? Lots! Whether they remained hashed or not is an important part of the argument, but persistence goes a long way in the security argument. c) how many new startups are coming out of the US/UK that achieve immense scale extremely quickly and simply don't often have the time to ramp up security? Lots! Knowing that. Imagine your fingerprint data leaked. Hmm... Enjoy this MindBullet from my friends at the FutureWorld group ! 10 MILLION FINGERPRINTS HACKED Biometric passwords become epic disaster 'Mary Master's Minor Miracle' was immensely popular for Virtue Studios, the New York-based software studio. Thei