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The Age of Excellence. By Jason Calacanis.

This is one of those must-read / must-listen business anecdotes. We are living in a strange, high pressure world. A world of infinite options and finite attention. Succeeding as an entrepreneur within that environment requires an approach that we may not be willing to accept yet. These are inspiring, wise and scary words. Heed them. The Age of Excellence. By Jason Calacanis. My favourite passage: The distribution curve of people's attention is getting more extreme. "Words with Friends" and "DrawSomething" are so much more appealing that they get 98% of their marketspace. Just like the 800 Degrees pizza joint in Westwood has a line around the corner while seven other three-star places have 2% of the turnover. The world demands excellence and has the ability to exile the average with a one-star review. If you're good at what you do (a three- or four-star contributor) you're actually the same as average (two or three star), and you're much

Real Time Wine LAUNCH. Crowdsourced rating app set to shake up the wine industry!

And so it starts! What a cool journey, and we're only near the beginning. Very proud of this product. It's a version 1. There's plenty to do, plenty to iterate - but it's out there. That's the important part. Crowdsourced rating app set to shake up the wine industry Deciding which wine to buy can be a daunting experience, says Real Time Wine ( @realtimewine ) founder Andy Hadfield ( @andyhadfield ) – which is why the 140-character wine blog has now become a fully realised mobile product, including free smartphone apps . “It’s a smooth, sexy and extremely useful mobile experience,” says Hadfield, “a giant leap forward from the blog-style pilot we started with”. “Most wine buyers are not wine experts,” Hadfield points out. “The challenge of discovering new wine at the right price is so great that we tend to stick to the old and familiar. Real Time Wine makes the process of choosing, drinking and sharing wine easy. It’s a real tool for a particularly fun ho

The app approach for SME's

Here's quite a cool interview I did with Simon Brown on FinTalk ( audio ). We chat (about 10 min in or so) about the app approach for SME's. Does it work? How best to leverage and which SME's should consider leveraging apps. We also chat about some of the background to Real Time Wine and our partnership with Prezence Digital . Visit the FinTalk page to see the show notes and grab the audio .