Post Match Analysis. Content Portal PING OFF.

What a race. And some surprises along the way as usual. Handing over to Naas to do the match analysis.

Thanks Arnold.

1. First off, don't get too put off by packet loss. This could have been caused by a multitude of factors, most of them beyond the control of News24. Unfortunately this horse never got out of the starting blocks - but it happens.

2. MWEB's performance on the other hand is interesting. They are one of SA's largest hosting companies - 450ms is 5 times slower than IAfrica. You have to assume that the MWEB portal is hosted by MWEB? Don't you? Further investigation required - it would be interesting to see if sites hosted by MWEB suffer the same lag.

3. Average performance by IOL. I have nothing else to say.

4. And our winner, - by quite a while. Local is lekker after all, ne?

Looking at a roundup of the weekend's PING OFF's - external factors could be plaguing South African sides. Only one clear indication - for 3 of our 4 contestants - a slight suspicion has been raised as to the actual geography of their hosting.

Wouldn't there be drama drama drama if a Proudly South African company hosted oversees. Mouth watering, nail biting stuff. Tune in next week.

Thank you Naas.

[Cowboys Interjection. Bit of fun, but interesting results nonetheless. Dear Readers, would you like to see more of this? Pitting top SA sites and blogs against each other in a PING OFF until death?]


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