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How to build an effective Employee Volunteering Programme

Well-designed employee volunteering programmes can boost staff loyalty, skills development and brand alignment. In other words, they foster employee engagement – that elusive enthusiasm and interest from staff towards furthering their employers’ reputation and goals. It seems that work for no pay, pays - the catch is that it needs to be for a good cause. “In an average firm, over 70% of employees are either not committed to or engaged with their company’s goals,” says Andy Hadfield, CEO of forgood – the largest volunteer and donation matching portal in the country, “that’s like saying only five players in a rugby team know where the try line is.” Forgood builds and manages customisable, branded portals through which CSI teams can select verified causes for their staff to get involved with, while tracking the number of hours committed and donations made. The portal includes a rating tool that enables star employees to stand out and receive recognition. While eight out of