The funny & wonderful names of Trout Flies...

Ok. So this is completely left-field for what is usually a technology blog. But I thought from time to time I should share some of my hobbies and past times. And this was a good way to start.

While trying to name a fishing cottage, I did some research into the names of trout flies. Research involved walking into a wonderful shop in Dullstroom called The Village Angler (ask for John the Scott if you go) and writing down every fly they stocked.

The results are hilarious. Some sound pretty aggressive. Some sound like sex toys. You decide. What a perfect naming device though... Here they are, for your collective amusement!

  • Rainbow Warrior
  • Wooly Bugger (my personal favourite)
  • Deep Water Damsel
  • Z Wing Caddis
  • Green Rock Worm
  • Mustard Caddis
  • Hare and Copper
  • White Death (so NOT politically correct!)
  • Pappa Roach (reminds me of a bad song from a bad band)
  • Trout Frog
  • Mylar Minnow
  • Prince Nymph
  • Biot Beatis
  • Crystal Bugger (Breaking Bad for Fish?)
  • Millenium Bug
  • Filoplume Dragon
  • Still Water Damsel
  • Irish Sleech
  • Fritz Bugger
  • Zonker
  • Beaded Wooly Bugger
  • Grizzly Wooly Bugger
  • Montanna Nymph
  • Cats Whisker
  • Red Eyed Damsel
  • Bunny Leech
  • Rainbow Warrior
  • Prairie Dog (I'm sure colloquially this means something VERY different) 
  • Muddler Minniw
  • Orange Death
  • Jersey Herd
  • Light Spruce
  • Matuka
  • Red Setter
  • Mrs Simpson
  • Hammils Killer
  • Booby Nymph (nice!)
  • Aggrivator
  • Red Tail Wooly Worm
  • Marabou Muddler
  • Kaufman Stimulator (Sex Toy - has to be!)
  • Goddard's Sedge
  • Red Tag
  • Joe's Hopper
  • Dave's Hopper
  • Adam's Irresistible (Another possible Sex Toy)
  • Parachute Hopper
  • Hate Ear Parachute
  • Cinnamon Cadis
  • Elk Hair Caddis
  • Humpy
  • White Wulff
  • Yellow Wulff
  • Silver Sedge
  • Corixia
  • Grizzly Klinkhammer (Sex Toy for Serious Deviants)
  • Black & Peacock Spider
  • Polywing Spinners
  • Flying Ant
  • Black Ant
  • BBJ Mayfly
  • Hi Float Beetle
  • Crystal Thorax
  • Atomic Worm (should come with explosives)
  • PTN Hotspot
  • Copper John
  • Buzzer
  • Epoxy Buzzer
  • Egg Fly
  • San Juan Worm
  • Brassie
  • Walkers Killer
  • Beaded Bloodworm

Cool hey?


  1. We named a random fly that was in our classes room after one of these names. Thanks for the article :)

    1. Haha! Awesome. I call some people Wooly Buggers :)


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