R19/month for 10GB web hosting... could it be?

Now, THIS should shakeup the South African hosting market. R19/month hosting. 10GB traffic served. 1 x SQL database. Phew. Welcome to the online offering from Ample Hosting.

The now-curious me has to ask:

1. How "shared" is this service?
2. Are they reselling cheap American hosting in SA (very clever)?
3. If something like this takes off - how will it affect IS, Mweb etc?

It comes with some fairly hefty SLA's.

Standard Web Hosting Package Features:
Cpanel - Control every aspect of your hosting plan.
Instant Account Creation
Free Technical Support
Unthrottled bandwidth
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
FTP Access
24x7 Support Access.

7 Individual email addresses
Webmail, POP3, IMAP email access
SMTP / Outgoing mail server
1 PostgreSQL Database
Auto Responders
Downloadable backups of your website.

100 Mbit Courier Neutral Data Center
99,9% Uptime
Daily Backups
24x7 Server Monitoring

Who's brave enough to try them out? I'll certainly stress test a site.


  1. Uhm, 8:47 PM Friday night and they're down... Cannot find server. Unless you have given the wrong URL! ;-)

    It sure is cheap, though its only for 300MB bandwidth. Although thats not too bad for R19 come to think of it!

  2. I'm in the process of signing up with them after registering a domain name with them earlier this week for a site that doesn't require much space or bandwidth. Watch this space... :-)

  3. Nope, the URL is right...

    Michelle - look forward to the feedback...

  4. We get hosting through a US company called DreamHost - and this product offering is pretty much a carbon copy of what the SA company is presenting. Indeed, your Option 2 seems to be what's in place - there's no way that they could do this on SA prices.

  5. Aha. SA resellers. Clever? I think so.

  6. Sounds darn cheap. I use hostgator.com at the moment for my network, I have no complaints yet.

    Andy.. if you would like to link up blogs, give me a shout!

    ~ www.imod.co.za ~

  7. Imod - sure no problem - what have you got in mind?

    Checked out your site stable. Like the poker forums ... really is amazing how that game is taking off EVERYWHERE. Especially SA, with our own dedicated forum and dstv channel :)

  8. Check out net360.co.za, also looks like nice price hosting...

    Nice Blog!

  9. Andy.. drop me an email chris[at]imod.co.za and we can do a banner exchange :)

  10. Hello, I'm from Amplehosting.co.za there's a comment above that we resell dreamhosts hosting.. this is not true, we have our own managed servers in the states in the Equinix and Qwest datacenter. (Some of the best in the USA) we also have servers in the Verizon datacenter in the South Africa (Cape Town). Please feel free to contact us on +27 033 3868508 if you have any questions or if you'd like to test drive our hosting.. Thanks, Graham Paine (Greycell.co.za / Amplehosting.co.za)

  11. Hey Graham... that's great man. But how shared is shared? R19 is pretty damn competitive...

  12. Hey Andy, We currently host on Dual Xeon Quad core machines and we ensure that the server loads are kept low (an average of around 1 with dispersed peaks of 3.) so the servers are kept at an optimal level. Yes R19 is competitive. but we don't overload our servers. Keep well. Graham


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