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The Story of Reserve B (in conjunction with loveLife)

The summary of my recent experiences in Reserve B is available here . This is the journey, as catalogued in tweets , instagrams and pictures. Should make for interesting reading... Thank you to everyone who took part, especially those who sent HELLO emails to welcome Phindo (a Reserve B resident) to the world of email! It was an incredible experience, watching the joy on her face as she connected to the world outside of Bergville and the immediate surroundings... Visit the site we setup , read the story. It's an important story, of which there are many in this country that remain untold. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I AM the Foursquare Mayor of Reserve B. But that means nothing. In reality I was humbled and delighted by its residents. The journey starts... So I'm off at 5am tomorrow to a rural township in Bergville to see if technology can actually empower people... I'll cover it, as always :) Laptop. Check. iPhone. Check. Suncream (ginger genes). Check

What could the Internet possibly do for a rural township?

What follows is a short summary of the story chronicled on RESERVE B, IT'S OUR STORY . About 6 years ago, I was lucky enough to take part in a "reality" documentary called S'Camto Groundbreakers III. The idea was to take 6 young, passionate South Africans from various fields and throw them around the world to meet other young people, forge relationships, have experiences and spread our wonderful South African culture. It was a great ride, and being exposed to the SABC 1 audiences and content requirements helped shape who I am today. We very easily slip into our Sandton / DSTV / Western content bubble, and forget that we're an African country, with African culture. Everyone would do well to drive outside the bubble every now and again, just to hit home that point that we have a country of 50 million people, only 5 million of which are connected to the Internet. Anyhoo, a couple of weeks back, we began shooting the 1 hour sequel to that series. Part of that invo