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Another project launched... Extreme Potjie!

Quick note on another hobby project I launched yesterday. It's along the same lines as the "monetise your hobby" approach of Real Time Wine. Except this really is a hobby. Do what you love, love what you do - fairly boring repetitions of self help manuals around the world - but quite fun when you've got the time and space. Aw man. I just googled "monetize your hobby" and was met with a flood of get rich quick rubbish. I guess that's where humanities compass is at eh? :)  So screw it. Let's say that Extreme Potjie is more of an open experiement. Here's some interesting things about the project: Like the pilot for Real Time Wine , it's built on Posterous . Bloody amazing what a bit of CSS and design can do ontop of free platforms. Like the design? I do. Check out Harukami . The site aims to take advantage of Posterous' post-by-email and nifty media management functions (email it photos, videos, PDF's etc and it handles and r

ZA Tech Show Episode 158 - Little Widgets

Andy Hadfield, Sam Beckbessinger and Simon Dingle settle down to some organic wine (provided by Wedderwill ) and discuss; The white iPhone rush. BlackBerry’s make or break. The Webby Awards. Sony’s ongoing hack saga. SA’s new pay-tv service VOD:TV. Our technology picks and pick-ons this week: Andy Hadfield – Picks: Storify and Settlers of Catan . Sam Beckbessinger – Picks: Game of Thrones and the fantasy gamers of SA. Simon Dingle – Picks-on: Apple. Visit the ZA TECH website to grab the audio and more!

Outsurance. Broken brand promises, bad process and the social media effect...

BROKEN BRAND PROMISE #1: With claims service so fast, it’ll be as if it never happened. BROKEN BRAND PROMISE #2: We care about you, and we protect you. I actually like Outsurance's new set of TV campaigns (see below). They're catchy, witty and speak to one of the critical parts of the insurance relationship - the claims process. Pity their business process doesn't support their brand promise. Pity we hear that a lot these days. And pity these companies have to put up with maverick, renegade social channels that refuse to let them hide behind their own inefficiencies and poor service. This is the second horrendous Outsurance experience I've had. I use the first experience quite often in my talks - live tweeting a bad experience causes irate customers to group around you and open switching opportunities to other market players. This behaviour is as old as the hills - we get switch arguments at every braai we attend. The world has just got a lot smaller, a lot quicker

Social CRM and the African SAP Users Group

Couple of weeks back, I was privileged to be invited to host/facilitate 2 sessions on the intersection between CRM and Social Media with the African SAP Users Group in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Call it what you will (CRM 2.0 seems to be the vomit word of choice) - it's that really interesting debate about customer service, customer relationship, customer management and my new favourite word, emotional data . The stuff we need to store so that social interactions with customers aren't just once off sparks. Three things were interesting about this project. Firstly, meeting a big cross-section of SAP's customers (including the City of Cape Town - who seem to be doing some pretty cool ERP/CRM stuff) and having this fairly esoteric, yet crucial debate about the future of CRM. Secondly, the World Cafe facilitation style/model (more info included below) works REALLY well. Emphasis on the mood/vibe of the room. Lots of coffee shop style tables, people seated round them.

MindBullet: The Internet of Things. How Quaint. (20 April 2020)

MindBullets are a fantastic series of content from the FutureWorld group. Essentially they're news articles written from the future, showing us examples of just how quickly our world is changing, and where it might take us. Explore further MindBullets here or read more about the FutureWorld Group . This week we look at an already emerging trend - the Internet of Things - taken to its next possible iteration. If a super-connected world frightens you, you might have to find another planet. It's one thing to connect every device (from smartphone to fridge) to the Internet, and another thing to have functionality convergence. Where each device can communicate with the other to ensure optimum human easy of living. You may also now start worrying about the machines rising up to kill us all. Or at least not deliver our milk. :)

Bolton Deventer spotted in 2011! He's alive...

Been meaning to share this for a while. This sneaky spy shot (which those who were there would admit it was not as much sneaky as it was blatant and paparazzi-like) - was taken in Port Elizabeth at the Cell C 42mbps launch. HE'S ALIIIVVVEEE! If you've never heard about Bolton before. Read up here ...