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Showing posts from September, 2007

Gone marryin'

Hello lads and lasses! I'll be a little dormant for the next 3 weeks. SA DOC (aka Pharmy) and I are finally gettin' hitched. Holy Moly. I should be nervous right now eh? (T minus 6 hours). Anyhoo - off to Thailand for the honeymoon - and going to try and not concern myself with posting. Keep your subscriptions up - call it a wedding present! Later! (PREDICTION: SA to WIN WORLD CUP) (PROBLEM: How the HELL to watch it in Thailand!)

DIBS on my open source template!

Someone has been using someone's open source template... :) Don't people get dibs these days? Otherwise we really are going to end up with as many aggregators as we have bloggers!?! I'm joking. Entrepreneurship is cool. OK. vs.

Googlezon - more conspiracy theory!

Ha! Love it! This feels like it was made a good couple of years ago - they're a little off with their 2006 / 2007 predictions. But again, as wacky as the theories may be - some of it rings a little possible. My favourite line... To some - where we're going is the deepest, most ordered presentation of the world's information we could possibly envision. To others, it's too broad, too shallow, too meaningless. Go into 2015. New Media Prediction. Click HERE .

Bit of conspiracy theory!? The FaceBook.

About a year and a half old or so... it's always worth hauling out these conspiracy theory flash vids. Just because they sometimes sound SO plausible! FaceBook - a tool of the CIA. YES! Mel Gibson would be proud! Anyway, great production value and braai-conversation-stimulating... Do you have a Facebook?