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XBOX 360 and Kinect. So much more sweaty!

The rad lads (and ladies) at Fleishman recently got the new XBOX 360 + Kinect to me for a review period. I had already been to the launch - my interest was piqued, although it did feel a little Wii'ish. Let's get down to a brass tacks collection of my thoughts on the XBOX 360 and whether you should get one. First of all, rearrange your lounge - or buy a new one ! The Kinect requires a LOT of space. I've got a pretty big lounge and still had to push furniture away. You're looking at a space requirement of 2x2m away from the TV - BARE MINIMUM. And that's if you're OK falling over your furniture as you dive to make a recovery shot in VolleyBall / Table Tennis. That said, I was diving, which must mean I was engrossed. The body control with Kinect is a lot better than the Wii controller . A lot. It's pretty amazing to use your body in the first place. Run (and I mean SPRINT) in place for the hurdles, leaping off the ground as each one comes up. A volleyball

Nando's and their CEO (Chicken Excellence Officer)

Guerilla advertising is one of my favourite mediums. It all started with staged conversations/fights in cinemas (can't remember the brand), extended to flash mobs, sponsored treasure hunts and various other staged advertising. It was how we got interactive before the Internet came along. And I miss it! There was quite a nifty viral-esque response from Nando's to Cell C's R160 million Trevor Noah-gate that hit the airwaves recently. And I bet it didn't cost as much. Tongue-in-cheek rebuttal ads never do. For those who haven't seen the ad (it's racked up 90,000+ views on YouTube as of this post going up), here we go: Shortly after the ad started, I received a little delivery, pictured below. Mmmm, mixing real world and viral video. I smacked my lips in anticipation! The practice of sending virally promo's, gifts and review units to "prominent" bloggers is nothing new. It's a great way to stroke some ego and get the word out in the digita