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What pisses me off about the NGO sector...

In this interesting stage of my life (post startup) - where the party line is "actively seeking next gig", I've had a rare and cool opportunity to start exploring the commercial landscape to see what's out there and what I want to work on next. Something that has always appealed to me is the NGO sector. The chance to use your skills to actually do some good in the world. Sure, money is nice - and I want lots of it. But sometimes the job satisfaction isn't all its cracked up to be. When you look back at age 55 (young retirement these days) - how will you feel about the jobs, startups and projects you undertook? Photo Credit: B. Baltimore Brown ( ) And yet. The more I investigate the NGO sector, the more broken it appears. Forget the fragmentation - if just 20% of the millions of amazing projects out there could just find a way to band together, can you imagine... Forget the people (who are awesome). I have