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Virtual Volunteering. Volunteer from the comfort of your couch!

We're having quite a bit of fun with this campaign . Virtual Volunteering isn't a new thing - but there hasn't been much take up in South Africa as yet. This is a sexy space - the intersection of technology and community involvement / civil society work.  Here's the lowdown. Some really easy ways to make a difference a become more of a "social citizen".  --- snip --- Work, food, friends, family, exercise, sleep - finding the time to volunteer is not always easy. Enter virtual volunteering – share your skills, knowledge or time from the comfort of your couch. By connecting to causes online you can get involved with social change in a real and impactful way – and all without having to rework your busy schedule. Forgood , an online platform that connects individuals and groups with over 500 reputable causes across the country, has made being socially active and engaged easier than ever before. The platform allows you to browse causes’ real-time nee