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Mapped In CT. Another startup ecosystem initiative...

Another Cape Town startup ecosystem project. Some would argue it's another one that does what Silicon Cape is fairly good at - talking about themselves. But hell. You have to give them credit. They're doing a better job exposing the startup industry and building a vibe around the technology sector than anyone out there. Remember, this is off the back of the recent FNB funding injection and a steady stream of companies and events. Even the odd success story. It's all good for the startup economy, whatever you may think of the Silicon Cape approach. Fascinating little effort from Their description follows. Mapped In Cape Town is a visual snapshot of the Cape Town startup ecosystem. It follows the law of density: the denser the map, the better the ecosystem. is an innovative and interactive digital map that allows tech start-ups based in Cape Town to list their businesses free-of-charge. So let's take a look. As of 17 November 2014. 15

MindBullets: Open Data Brings Freedom But Transparency Breeds Fear (1 November 2020)

I haven't published one of FutureWorld's great MindBullets in a while. I tend to only publish the ones where I'm thinking about the trends they're talking about - or they're just too good not to share. Here's a doozy. We live in amazing times, times where technology is often changing quicker than we are - which means that as we mature alongside a platform or trend, the way we use it tends to change, the way we interpret it tends to change and our long term issues sometimes arise many years after we've become accustomed to the efficiency that technology brings. I'll never forget a line from a Corey Doctorow talk which speaks about privacy and data. He (paraphrasing) says that the problem with the privacy actions or non-actions we're taking today, is that the consequences of such actions are so far removed from the action itself, that it becomes really hard for us to identify where we're creating future problems. You share all your drunken phot

ZA Tech Show Episode 317 - Shopzilla Attacks!

Brett Haggard and Andy Hadfield get together (just the two of them) to talk about some big e-commerce deals, some startup investment, some new gadgets and some leaky cloud services. Topics under discussion (more specifically) comprise: The Kalahari Takealot merger; The Silicon Cape R3m funding from FNB; Vodacom’s Smart Tab 3G; iPhone 6/6 Plus coming on the 24th October; The Plex app for Xbox One; and Leaked Dropbox Passwords and Snowden’s take on not using the service. Our technology picks of week are: Andy picks Dan Brown’s Inferno; Momentum for Chrome; and Brett picks Available on iTunes or listen on Seed.TV