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Geek Maternity Wear

From BoingBoing ... Excellent stuff - wife beware!

FNB Online Banking Restored... An apology, some sweat and a bit of pride.

Tough times indeed. I have the utmost respect and empathy for FNB's tech teams over the last couple of days as they battled against the gremlins of infrastructure. And more than that - I have sympathy for the reams of FNB clients that were put out at month end. I'm a client. I couldn't log in either and I know how disruptive these down-times can be. Especially at the beginning of the month. While nothing can excuse the ordeal, I'm pretty proud of all the teams that were involved, not only for their commitment to fixing the problem (they had to, didn't they) - but mostly to the transparency with which they handled it. I was involved on the side when the first messages had to go up over the login fields, and what will stay with me from this experience - is that there wasn't a question of how to spin it. There wasn't a question of how to put some legally disclaimer up. There wasn't a question of how to get around the issue. It was only about telling t

The Sword & Laser - an online book club...

Just bought my first 2 books recommended by online "book club", The Sword and Laser (Tom Merrit and Veronica Belmont). I highly recommend the first two on their list, and courtesy of some eBucks, I'll be the proud owner of Neuromancer and A Game of Thrones shortly. Check out The Sword and Laser here . Their first couple of recommendations look like this: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card Neuromancer by William Gibson Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke I'm liking this book club idea. Guys don't have book club - they play poker. This fills the recommendation gap.