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Employee Engagement, Employee Volunteering & CSI Trends for 2017

It's been a feature of my life - throwing myself into completely different industries and then learning enough to start commenting. Hopefully it all makes sense.  The social sector (social enterprises, charities, social impact, shared value) has been utterly fascinating and I firmly believe that the world is unlikely to succeed in it's current format. Pure capitalism has failed. Pure charity has failed. Which means the place to play is in the middle .  Here are some thoughts around charity, volunteering, CSI, employee engagement, HR and other important bits and bobs.  We live in a business world where PURPOSE is becoming as important as PROFIT - and these are the trends shaping that space.  A  shorter version of this was published on BizCommunity CSI .  Thank you to Katherine Robertson (Head of Clients and Programs @ forgood ) for her help with this article.  Employee engagement is back! CSI is no longer just focused on communities external to their busines