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The Corporate Innovator

2 interesting tidbits came to my attention recently. All around the role of innovation and entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship?) in corporates. Having played a bit in this space at FNB, this subject always fascinates me. Let's face it. Startups are amazing. The control, the pride, the ability to pick a path and follow it... But very, very few grow to be the size of some of our South African corporate companies. And if you really, really want to move the needle - that's where you have to go.  Unfortunately, you've got to put up with 10-15 years of everything that's bad with a corporate to get into a position that'll allow you to achieve this.  Have a quick read. Are you one of these people? :) First article. Why Corporate Innovation Is So Difficult by Jeffrey Phillips . It has a great summary: So tip your hat to the corporate innovator.  She's got to overcome a significant amount of inertia and risk, convince an executive team of the need for

How to play PUNTR

Here are the rules for playing PUNTR , a realtime sports prediction startup that I'm involved in. Predicting who’s going to win a game is OK… Predicting the micro-moments within the game, showing your skill at calling the little swings that make the difference between winning and losing… THAT’S PUNTR . When a moment occurs during a game (corner, free-kick or penalty), a selection of possible outcomes will be pushed to your screen. Tap on what you think will happen. Incorrect call : -2 points No Call : -1 points (so keep an eye on the game!) Corners (8 points) GOAL is when… well, you know. DEFENDED!  Occurs when a shot is missed, the goalkeeper catches or deflects the ball out of play, a defensive free kick is called or when the ball leaves the “Big D” off the feet of a defensive player.  Direct Free Kick (8 points) As above Man DOWN! (10 points) When a player hits the floor and you hear a whistle (it happens, more often than we'd like to admit!) - you&

Giving away 12 cases of wine on Real Time Wine...

Thought I'd let you know about a funky competition we're running on Real Time Wine . Not just for promo's sake - but because we're trying something a little off centre. Using a competition, to promote a competition. I'll let you know if it works! 2 ways to win. And it's a pretty freakin' amazing case of wine. And there are 12 of these pretty freakin' amazing cases of wine. So pay attention. We're trying to up the amount of rating and reviewing on the app. We're sitting on about 14,000 consumer reviews and 25,000 ratings. That's pretty mindblowing for a market as small as South Africa. But it's still not in "shoot the lights out" territory as far as I'm concerned. So over the next 4 weeks, we're giving away wine (6 cases in total) every Friday to randomly drawn users who have made it onto the Top 30 Leaderboard . Sweet. Then. We're giving away another 6 cases if you'll help us promote this competition .

The Future of USB - and the power grid? [MINDBULLET]

Hah. Great Mindbullet. And probably one of the more obvious ones (but you didn't think this, did ya?) :) It speaks to tech portability and compatibility. Let's face it. Plug 'n Play was pretty much a pipe dream. A USB stick is about the only true plug 'n play experience I've had consistently over the years. Everything else always needs a tweak. And so it is with devices, cables, power - every major manufacturer/country has a different bloody standard. Crickey, I've got 2 or 3 different flavours of micro USB sitting in the desk draw right now. I tend to just round-peg-square-whole them until one fits! I won't even go into power cables and travel adaptors. You need to take a look at the little package the tech journos carry around the world to enable a "constantly charged" state (somehow this is demanded of us in the modern world). Anyhoo. Imagine if we could replace all that crap with USB. Awesomesauce. Not if Apple has it's way... Anoth