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Cracking Wireless Networks

South Africans are a little behind in terms of broadband penetration – nothing like the 22% BROADBAND in the UK, as mentioned in this video. But if there is one thing that South African’s have proved – it’s their adaptability to technology and it’s darker side. Remember, as you watch this video: 5 million internet users and growing... How many of those are moving to broadband as the prices drop? How many of those are moving towards wireless – 3G, iBurst or that wireless router that lets you surf in the bath? Does that sound like you? In our opinion, Soek, the friendly Rottweiler inside the back gate won't really be able to help here...

Innovation isn’t for copycats...

Look up ‘innovation’ in any ordinary word reference and bold synonyms like unique, new, departure, risk, change, introduction and invention leap from the page. So when a client sticks this expression in a brief you’d be forgiven for assuming there’s a real intention to do something different. I’m gob smacked when original thinking gets requested and then turned down because the idea hasn’t been used before. Or novelty is rejected because it doesn’t come with the kind of proof-of-concept found on the well worn paths of convention. Go figure! I used to think that the stumbling block to doing unique things was ordinary human complacency. Now I’m sure its corporate survival that gets in the way. If there’s no compelling reason to stick an imaginative neck out , it’s safer to plod the path of the tried and trusted rather than risk new things. And until someone gets fired for simulating best practice this obstacle to innovation isn’t going to go away anytime soon! So these days I try to s

BlogdUp - Can it find me?

Trying this out - a Blog Directory - that tries to validate a reciprocal link by crawling your blog. I'm 45 minutes in and about to give up. Wonder how effective these tools really are? Is this considered link farming? BlogdUp ... Find me! Here! Blogdup UPDATE : 2 hours later. Seems like Blogger takes a little while before it's indexable. Hence I wasn't getting found. Hence this post. The issue remains interesting. Interlinking remains one of the most important factors in getting those Search Engine Rankings. But where does Google draw the line? Is BlogdUp a robotic site with no-one behind it, giving it's owner a couple of hundred dollars in AdWords revenue and linking blogs to blogs? When does that become a link farm? I'll let you know. UPDATE: About 2 days and a weekend later. No such luck. Seems like BlogdUp is merely a robotic link farm that evidently doesn't like this blog. Almost confirmed by their sister site - SiteAddy - just a conglomeration of

The Web 2.0 Family

Read somewhere on the web... "Web 2.0 is not a thing, it's a state of mind..." However murky the Web 2.0 trend still is - fantastic, but slightly unstable AJAX apps, processor hungry client side stuff or just huge active communities - the fact remains, Web 2.0 is happening, and it's here to stay. Take this chart I came across on the Net... More than half the companies here are providing single focus, technology and community rich applications. Sexy ones at that. And more than half have been bought, or are about to be bought by a Search Engine. Start thinking about it - managing, manipulating and taking care of communities using technology is the way of the future. Share and share alike eh?

Snail mail gets e-nabled!

Paying for my Post Office box online recently, I discovered why the South African Post Office was listed as a Leader in the Technology Top 100 awards last year. While updating my profile, I had the standard option to pick “preferred communication”. You know, that murky ECT Act opt-in stuff… And there it was – Instant Messenger. MSN, Yahoo, AOL and quite a few others! The Post Office, our perceived outdated mail carrier has blasted its way into the digital world – communicating with me via IM ! Images courtesy of SAPO . While this feat isn’t that new, I find it very impressive for a South African, fully state owned company! Kudos to the Post Office!

Same name brands... nowhere to hide!

The name’s the same, but that’s where it ends… In South Africa, the Profinder name is synonymous with integrity, networking, building connections and concise and relevant information for architecture, design and construction professionals. And we like it, because it's a programme run by The Virtual Works ! However, popping up on Google News Alerts for the last couple of months has been an organisation in the UK with a very similar name, and not such a great reputation. Profinder UK is generating a lot of internet traffic through stories of persistent customer rip-offs . The company handles the sale of used vehicles, professing to link sellers and buyers for a fee. In this world of search engines and everything being linked to everything - it seems there is nowhere to hide! At least Profinder is ranked higher :) We'd just like you to know: Profinder UK is in no way part of, affiliated to, or in any way whatsoever linked to Profinder South Africa, and its website ! ( Thanks

Trained Hopelessness

Does this sound familiar? Research firm TARP Worldwide says that some people who can’t get their digital camera to work solve their problem by throwing it away rather than even going back to the store or calling the 0800 number. It happens all the time with business, when it is often easier to toss out the technology (or not even attempt it) than try and train the workforce. TARP calls this trained hopelessness . Well, we had better get over it, because the world has changed. The new order is all about communicating and collaborating, and individual competence, which in turn, requires the use of technology to the full. And if we don’t do it, there are 150 million highly trained, ambitious and incredibly industrious new workers based in India, China, Korea and the old Russian states. These guys are looking for opportunity, and are wired into the world by broadband and collaborative software. Work happens anywhere, 24/7, and we in South Africa need to stake our claim. You may not hav

Is your Sales Director an Ostrich?

You would think that the natural reaction when a system starts providing data of sales force inefficiencies would be to fix the problem? Not at all, and it blows us away. We’ve had nail-pulling real life experience of this recently. A client using our system to route leads by SMS to their sales force and track performance has thrown their hands in the air and given up. “ The system is making our sales people look bad .” It’s one of those inalienable truths of life… sales people hate systems. The good ones are too busy selling to administrate. The good administrators don’t have time to sell. And the bad ones just don’t do much. That doesn’t make the sales force right and the system wrong. Does it? It is high time for companies to take a hard look at themselves. Effectiveness of media spend, call patterns, sales team structures and selling methodologies cannot possibly be assessed without valid data and controls. This isn’t policing – it’s business! Conversely, you will get some cl