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The Next Chapter: From forgood to The Room...

When you've helped grow an organisation from Helpless Baby to Cocky Adult, there's never a good time to leave. But if that organisation is stable, growing and has a world class team behind it - then there's no better "bad" time than this.  Forgood is now South Africa's biggest employee volunteering SaaS business. We're still fairly small in reality, because employee volunteering is a small market (for now). But we dominate the space, both in the quality of our offering and the impact we create.  This entrepreneurial journey has been a labour of love and scars - as many of them are. But it has to come to an end at some stage - because until senior leaders/founders step aside in a small business, there's no room for the next generation of talent to take over.  After almost 7 years as the CEO of forgood, it's time to hand over the baton. Really excited to announce that Romy Heldsinger (our current COO) will take over the reigns, with Mashadi Letwaba