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Twitter going mainstream in South Africa?

Two big clues in the last 2 days. 1. The Star runs a cartoon where a lady opens the door, is surprised to see death waiting and says, "Hang on! I've so got to Twitter this!". 2. Finweek runs a front page story telling businessmen that if they're not on Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook, they're losing out on serious networking opportunities. Twitter has always been firmly in the realms of the geeks and the tech industry. I never imagined we have much more than a couple of thousand local Twitter users. Perhaps times are a changin'. What do you think?

Great Quotes #10 - Strategy in an Economic Downturn

"The worst mistake in strategy – and it's a particularly bad mistake in a slowed economic downturn – is to compete with your competitors on the same thing. You want to find a different kind of value that you can deliver to a different set of customers. Strategy is fundamentally about how you're going to deliver unique value." -- Michael Porter, Harvard University

Great Quotes #9 - Economic Recession Signs of 2008

"It's times like these when tremendous competitive success can be achieved. It's times like these where companies can shift positions in the marketplace. It's times like these when leaders can become followers, and followers can become leaders, because we are in a period where everything is now going to open and unfreeze." -- Michael Porter, Harvard University.

The Digital Edge - a new South African PodCast

I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest onto the inaugural episode of The Digital Edge, a new SA podcast. Organised by Jarred Cinman of Cambrient and Saul Kropman , the podcast aims to be a short, sharp summary of tech news and views. Funnily enough, they refer to the "old" kid of the block ( ZA Tech Show ) as four guys drinking beer and talking about their iPods. Lol! Both shows have a gap. ZA Tech can get extremely technical - and there's definitely an audience for "high-tech". The Digital Edge is more mainstream, and weigh's in at 17 minutes. You can't drive anywhere in Joburg in 17 minutes, so full listening pleasure is assured. In this episode, myself and Walter Pike muse over some tech trends to watch out for in 2009, including crowdsourcing, cloud computing and Obama 2.1! Launch post is here . Podcast is here .

The ANC goes social...

It's Obama-esque and quite exciting to see South African political organisations starting to dip the big toe in the social sphere. Early days, but catch the ANC on: * Twitter ( ) * YouTube ( ). * SCORE: 7 Twitter followers - 8 now. 0 YouTube subscribers - 1 now! This is off the back of the Mosiuoa Lekota FaceBook presence . It's all happening in 2009... More coverage from Matt Buckland here . UPDATE - It seems the DA is also using AdWords. Vicious, poltical social media. Excellent!