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TOP 1 REASON Muti users are succumbing to social bookmarking bad habits...

Been reading a lot about Digg circles, and how to get your site to the front page of social bookmarking tools - just by tweaking the headline. Cheating? Maybe.

It's a bad habit. In my opinion. It means that people aren't reading the stuff that goes up on the bookmarking tools. They're voting up or down based on the title. Because if they had actually read a lot of the stuff, they'd find a fairly mediocre article, usually linking back to an original source. Traffic mongering at it's worst.

So, it was with a bit of concern that I check out Muti's homepage the other day. No less than 3 crappy "Top X things" or "X Things to do". For those who aren't up with Digg culture, apparently, those type of headlines are perfect vehicles to get voted onto bookmarking homepages.

Why, oh why can't South African users at least try preserve the integrity of what seems to be a well-used and intelligent social bookmarking tool? And to top it all off - they're international websites. We're not even traffic mongering our own talent!

I'm off to go vote for myself.

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