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Great Quotes #8 - The Internet & Finance

" The Internet has made it possible for anybody with an online brokerage account and a broadband connection to become a global investor, but with that freedom has come a great responsibility: to know what you're doing without relying on government oversight. And in a world where our ability to trade exotic financial instruments vastly exceeds our ability to understand and value them, that is a very dangerous thing indeed ." -- Paul Kedrosky, NewsWeek

FNB goes Crowd-Sourcing

Launching today - a project involving FNB , specially the Premier Banking segment and Quirk South Africa in the crowd-sourcing space. The brief allows the broader "creative" web community to pitch in on the How Can We Help You proposition, by coming up with ideas to switch customers to the Online Banking channel. I'd be extremely interested in your thoughts! Leave them in the comments below... The official release: Quirk eMarketing has launched , a website that allows brands to post a brief asking for creative ideas and a reward (or Bounty) for the best submission. FNB Premier Banking is hosting the first brief with a bounty of $2500. “Idea Bounty is the antithesis of the traditional agency models,” says Rob Stokes, CEO of Quirk eMarketing. The traditional model for purchasing creative output, in the form of creative expertise and ideas, has dictated that a brand pay based on how many people and hours have been used to create the end product. S

Online banking is changing. Meet eBank in Japan.

Here's an excerpt from Chris Skinner's blog on SwiftCommunity . It speaks to a changing world of banking - one where it is not only more cost effective, but more efficient for the end consumer to conduct business digitally. Here’s a brief profile of eBANK: * launched in July 2001; * 2.8 million accounts and ¥800 billion ($8 billion) in assets; * the largest internet bank in Japan; * no branches or ATMs (customers use the 25,000 Post Office and 15,000 7-11 ATMs); and * 195 employees. Yep, you read that last bit right. An $8 billion in assets bank, with almost 3 million customer accounts, operated by just 195 staff. 195 people in total that is. 15,000 accounts per staff member. How do they do it? Well, it may best be illustrated by their account opening process. The usual account onboarding process requires a visit to a branch, a bunch of documentation, a raft of form-filling, a lengthy process of verification checking and authentication reporting under FATF and AML rule

Digital Marketing #1 [SMS Marketing Oh Dear!]

Don't let your 1 man marketing department loose with a big budget bulk SMS platform - or you just might land up with this pearl of digital marketing wisdom from Cape Town Fish Market... "Cape Town Fish Market Lonehill wants you to experience the freshness and quality of our new and exciting menu and to book for your year end functions. Call 011" WINNING ON: * Nothing! LOSING ON: * Awful copy * Not trading any value with targets * Call 011 what!?

If earth had a FaceBook page...

From CollegeHumor. Love Europe's comment on the photo album! Click to make it bigger ...

The Sub Prime Primer - An explanation for the credit crunch...

OK. So this blog is not usually about finance. But this particular PowerPoint is doing the rounds at FNB - and I just couldn't resist. It is quite simply the most simple, funniest explanation of the credit crunch and global financial crisis that I've ever seen. Hit Full Screen and prepare to be amused... The SubPrime Primer View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: credit crisis )

The power of social media: Ek laaik nie n houtkop nie sou what

Ah. So South Africa is abuzz with tales of "controversial social networking platform" Facebook - and the group " ek laaik nie n houtkop nie sou what ". Ok. So, people, catch a wake up. This is social media. We've taken a soapbox, amplified the volume, and opened it up to the entire country. You're going to get some idiots. You're going to get some politically motivated content. It happens. I'd like to draw your attention to 2 important points here. Learnings, if you will... 1. The speed and power of "the new web". From some young kid's bedroom to 702 Radio and beyond in the space of days, maybe even hours. We are dealing with a truly pervasive new platform. Even if 80% of South Africa remains unconnected, impoverished by the digital divide... The media is finding other ways to spread. Don't forget our 38 million cellphones - and the ever increasing ease-of-access they bring... 2. Look not to the destructive nature of the medi

What happens when you lose control?


Sexy Bank Poll.

Results of a little poll on Cowboys & Engines... First off - apologies. I bollocksed this poll up. Asking digital questions and throwing in a red herring like "a call centre that works" was just asking for trouble. However, it does point to interesting notions on fulfillment. Doesn't matter how sexy your internet processes are - if you can't do EVERYTHING online, your bottleneck is always going to be real world processes. Everyone's favourite gripe and complaint is the humble call centre. It's why I think Outsurance has a model to be envied right now. Not many SA companies have got online fulfillment completely right. Outsurance's call centre is so slick, that they the application feel like it happened online. Except you do less typing. Oh, and my little "throw it out there" flippant comment. RSS? Is NOWHERE in corporate SA. But wait, once people hook onto the idea of auto updating converged content. Then we'll have sparks. I'm