15 June 2016

Youth Day 2016: Using tech for change [YOUTH MONTH]

We've put together a kick ass campaign so you can do more than talk about Youth Day. Do something. Take action. 

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It has been 40 years since students in Soweto rose up and protested against Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in schools. Looking back at some defining contributions of youth in each decade since, it appears that the youth of today are re-surfacing as active citizens, by harnessing technology to create change.

The youth of the 2000s lived the tech boom – moving from raves and pride rallies to screens and keyboards. They connected with the world in an entirely new way – through chat rooms, forums and html code. Switching from encyclopedias to Google, MXIT to Facebook and the 140-character world of Twitter, they indulged on information.

A generation on, those online platforms are being used to stir campaigns and organise drives – including the mobilisation that provided #FeesMustFall protesters with water, food and data bundles in October last year. Young people are also using the web to find and interact with good causes, brands and businesses.

Surveys, such as one conducted by Deloitte earlier this year, reveal that Millennials are not solely interested in snapping selfies. “Every generation has played a part in pushing South African society forward. Young people today are emerging from behind their screens as active, engaged citizens; this could be the most powerful movement of our time,” says Andy Hadfield, CEO of online volunteering platform www.forgood.co.za.

Millennials report greater interest in supporting brands with a conscience and a desire to work for businesses with sustainable development agendas. “We need to capitalise on this engagement by creating spaces and for young people to become and stay vocal and socially active,” says Hadfield.

Forgood logs real-time needs from registered nonprofits across South Africa. In addition to connecting people with these existing needs, it allows users to make unique offers. Since re-launching in early 2015, forgood has facilitated over 3 000 actions for nonprofit organisations in the country.

“Many young people are required to do community service as a part of their school curriculum. Finding a place to log these hours can turn an amazing opportunity into a time consuming task. On the platform, learners can browse real-time needs according to their location, interests or skills,” says Hadfield.

During the winter months, there is always a surge in requests for cooked food and warm clothes – knitted or collected. Active citizens can also get involved in youth-related activities, such as tutoring, mentoring or helping causes manage their social media accounts.

“In recognition of Youth Month and the contribution of generations past - clear out some clutter, give up an afternoon or share your skills online – it has never been easier,” says Hadfield.

30 May 2016

forgood is HIRING: Account Manager (Junior / Mid)

What we want: Account Manager for www.forgood.co.za corporate clients

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT just click APPLY or randomly spam us. We will ignore any submissions that do not FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE JOB SPEC. 

Forgood connects people to Causes (think: “online dating for the social sector”!) We’re building and running a technology platform to capacitate and transform the nonprofit sector in South Africa (and eventually other developing markets). We’re also proudly “for profit” – and believe in making money and saving the world at the same time. 

We need someone to join our Programme Management team – directly interfacing with large South African corporates as we design, customise and run their Employee Volunteering Programmes on our platform. Call it Account Management, Client Service or whatever you like... we need a front man/woman to help us make magic.

Go watch this. If it resonates, read on - https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pallotta_the_way_we_think_about_charity_is_dead_wrong 

NOTE: Transformation is important to us - this is an Employment Equity position.

YOU MUST WANT: To work in a tech "startup" environment. We work really hard, play really hard. Flexible culture – but obsessed with delivery and getting shit done. You must WANT to deal with clients and be tolerant of a certain level of corporate bureaucracy (haha!). Don’t tell us you’re a “people person”. People’s People never actually say they’re People’s People. They just are.

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO: Learn quickly, work fast, think big, prove yourself, leave ego at the door.

YOU MUST: Commit. We’re not going to sink blood, sweat, tears, time and champagne (our celebration method of choice currently) into someone who’s going to ditch when things get hard. You’re in this for 2 years+ or you’re not in it at all.

THE ROLE: Work in the team that manages our corporate clients who use the forgood platform. Reporting to Senior Programme Manager.

Directly manage our corporate clients
  • On-board new clients
  • Attend client status meetings
  • Generate and create reports for clients
  • Crisis manage and problem solve any client issues that arise
  • Be a support desk to the client's CSI team
  • Provide training to new and existing clients. Confidence and presentation skills are critical.
  • Provide strategic input into the design of employee volunteering programmes and the customisation of our platform
  • Be excellent. Be awesome. Be detailed orientated.

Work with Community Management team to ensure that:
  • Our client’s Causes (charities) are happy and responsive
  • Provide feedback to Cause manager

Work with Product Management team to:
  • Concierge employee experiences and provide feedback on user experience
  • Continuously test the product on all platforms

Qualifications and experience required
  • A tertiary qualification. If you don’t have a degree, prove to us why you don’t need it
  • 3-5 years, client facing/client management experience. Don’t cheat on this one – the ability to schmooze and deliver excellent client-facing work takes a bit of practice. 
  • Comfortable in a tech environment. We’re serious about this. You need to love the Internet, be fluent in online platforms and understand your URL from your Excel (actually, you need to understand a lot more than that – but you get our point!) 
  • Strong writing, editing, creative and communication skills
  • Marketing and “selling” skills. You’re selling us by supporting our clients. 
  • Any social sector experience = bonus

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW (the instructions we spoke about at the beginning of this job spec)

There is a plague in SA of people just clicking apply on every job that’s out there. That doesn’t work with us because it doesn’t show that you CARE. It doesn’t tell us that you REALLY WANT THIS ROLE. And we only want to hear from people who REALLY WANT THIS ROLE. Did we use enough caps for that?

#1 Go find out who we are. Google stalk us. Go deep. Think about whether you really want to work here. Then answer this: why do you want to work here?

#2 What is your best client experience so far?

#3 What is your worst client experience so far?

#4 Tell us one thing you’ve done in your life that should make us interested in you. 

When you send this info – send it with the same level of quality you’d use when engaging with our clients and their employees. We’ll ONLY ask for CV’s from the best submissions.

Salary: negotiable. But we believe in growing people quickly. You deliver, you contribute to revenue, you keep growing, you can earn whatever you want.

SUBMISSIONS TO: katherine at forgood dot co dot za

23 May 2016

Virtual Volunteering. Volunteer from the comfort of your couch!

We're having quite a bit of fun with this campaign. Virtual Volunteering isn't a new thing - but there hasn't been much take up in South Africa as yet. This is a sexy space - the intersection of technology and community involvement / civil society work. 

Here's the lowdown. Some really easy ways to make a difference a become more of a "social citizen". 

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Virtual Volunteering with forgood

Work, food, friends, family, exercise, sleep - finding the time to volunteer is not always easy. Enter virtual volunteering – share your skills, knowledge or time from the comfort of your couch. By connecting to causes online you can get involved with social change in a real and impactful way – and all without having to rework your busy schedule.

Forgood, an online platform that connects individuals and groups with over 500 reputable causes across the country, has made being socially active and engaged easier than ever before. The platform allows you to browse causes’ real-time needs and requirements, or you could put up an offer of your own and see if anyone bites. It is all about convenience, the right match and ensuring that the best person gets the job done, for good.

Why virtual volunteering is taking off:

It is inclusive: Anybody with access to a computer can participate, including those with restricted mobility or other special needs. Parents with young children and family obligations can get involved. It really is about making a difference from your own desk, home or holiday spot.

It offers variety: Virtual volunteering traditionally has suited tasks like graphic design, social media management, editing and research work. Increasingly so it is branching out to include things like mentorship, proposal writing, fundraising, translation and counseling. The possibilities are endless - give a thought to what you personally can offer and then give it a try. 

It’s a win-win set-up: Instead of trying to fit in to a traditional volunteer programme (that often has set times and longer term commitments), you can offer of the kind of work you want to do and are good at. Rather than needing to find premises and funding for skilled professionals, organisations can put out requests for specific, real-time work that they require done.

How to become a virtual volunteer:

1. Visit the Virtual Volunteering section on forgood: https://www.forgood.co.za/Campaign/Index/Virtual-Volunteering 

2. Respond to an existing need or put up an offer (https://www.forgood.co.za/Offer/). 

3. Taking your interests and skills in to account, forgood will connect you to a worthy cause or distribute your offer to those causes that can make use of your virtual contribution.

07 March 2016

Volunteering is good for business...

The forgood story continues... Here's some insight into our business model...

Volunteer programmes are good for business

A happy and engaged employee equals good business for the company they work for. Research indicates that companies with high levels of employee engagement enjoy a significant increase in productivity and general well being, which leads to increased profitability and stability for their company. So what does it take to engage your workforce and ensure a positive sentiment towards your business?

“Business is changing. It’s being shaped by a more consciously aware generation that wants to have a positive impact on society,” says Andy Hadfield, CEO of online social platform forgood (www.forgood.co.za). “Millennials especially want the purpose of business to include addressing problems in society and they want to feel that they are making a difference to the world around them.”

According to Mind the Gaps: The 2015 Deloitte Millennial Study, the Millennial generation are just as interested in how a business develops, and its contribution to society, as they are in products and profits.

“One way in which you can engage your employees and address their need for meaning or accomplishment is by creating a well-managed employee volunteering programme, that benefits the community that you operate in,” says Hadfield.

Volunteer programmes are perceived to add value to the recruitment, retention, training, development, loyalty and overall satisfaction of staff. The Deloitte study echoes this finding, with six in 10 Millennials stating a “sense of purpose” as part of the reason they chose to work for their current employers.

Besides the operational benefit and the feel good factor for employees, volunteer hours can be incorporated into a company’s CSI mandate, which contributes to its BBBEE ratings. For this it is essential for your HR department to keep an up to date register of the charities and the hours spent volunteering.

How can companies connect to Causes? 

Forgood has created an online platform which links Causes with individuals and groups who are looking to contribute. The platform helps businesses run a successful and innovative employee volunteering and donation programme.

All Causes subscribed to forgood are vetted to ensure they meet NPO criteria. By asking for goods or services on forgood, Causes are able to indicate exactly what they need and individuals are able to advertise what they can offer, including specialised skills and abilities. This creates meaningful connections between the staff of a company and the social sector they choose to target.

The platform also offers business functionality that allows companies to manage their internal CSI campaigns and reports on staff activity through these mechanics.

For more information about forgood, and how your company can benefit from the platform, visit www.forgood.co.za.

Facebook: /forgoodSA
Twitter: @forgoodSA

01 March 2016

forgood is HIRING: Valley Style Product / Project Manager Hybrid [MID LEVEL]


Forgood connects people to Causes. We’re building and running THE technology platform for the social sector in South Africa – and eventually other developing markets.

Our dream is to reinvent the social sector – make it more efficient, effective and help corporates point their CSI power in the right direction. We want to create real change by taking our simple concept of creating value through social interactions (we’re like online dating for people that want to do good) – and getting it to serious scale.

We’re a proudly “for profit” – and believe in making money and saving the world at the same time. Our primary business model is to sell a customised white-label version of our platform into corporates as a tool to run their employee volunteering programmes.

We need a Product / Project Manager to love, hug, cuddle and beat our product into a constantly improving state. You’ll be in charge of technical project management, product design, spec’ing, priority, liaising with the development team, user acceptance testing and analytics across the business.

Go watch this. If it lights a fire in your head and heart, read on. If it doesn’t, this isn’t for you.

Then read the following make doubly sure you’re this person:

YOU MUST WANT: To work in a tech startup environment? We have a great “startup” culture – obsessed with delivery and getting shit done, playing to our strengths and having fun. You must want to build amazing products. You must get jealous of all that Silicon Valley magic going around and think - WE CAN DO THIS IN SOUTH AFRICA - we’re just not going to be American about it. We’re going to be AFRICAN about it. 

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO: Learn quickly, work fast, think big, iterate, be lean, prove yourself, leave ego at the door. Product Managers need to be OBSESSED with the little things, OBSESSED with delivery of their project to deadlines and standards. You need to keep all the balls in the air without losing your cool. You need to understand and LOVE building digital products in the web and mobile space. 

YOU MUST: Commit. We’re not going to sink blood, sweat, tears, time and champagne (our celebration method of choice currently) into someone who’s going to ditch when things get hard. You’re in this for 2 years+ or you’re not in it at all.


Own the PRODUCT DESIGN and technical PROJECT MANAGEMENT process. What should our product do, what shouldn’t it do, manage the balance between what we like to call BIF (Bugs vs Improvements vs Features).
  • Develop and manage a product roadmap including constant ticket prioritisation.
  • Translate requirements into user journeys, wireframes and sketch designs for smooth, buttery and sexy user experiences 
  • Workshop requirements with development team in planning sessions.
  • Clearly spec tickets into JIRA for our development team to action. This requires 50% imagination and 50% absolute attention to detail.
  • Prepare and track project plan, project risk and decisions logs and communicate project progress regularly.
  • Manage User Acceptance Testing. You’ll need to have a nose for UX and a love of making sure every little itty bit of the system is working like it should. and remains a smooth, buttery and intuitive experience for our users.
  • Manage budget, recon and payments.

ANALYTICS. Create, manage and constantly improve our product performance metrics. This means everything from Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics to site monitoring tools and Azure App Analytics. You need to LOVE STATS. Measurement drives everything we do from a product design point of view.
  • Know the difference between actionable metrics and vanity metrics (if you don’t, read the Lean Startup quickly). That’s how we remain clever and try avoid knee-jerk product and project decisions.
  • Own the product growth process. This presents an opportunity to work with, manage and measure our paid media agency and incorporate PR initiatives that drive adoption in both consumer and business markets. 


  • Degree (it shows you can commit to something). If you don’t have a degree, you’d better have an awesome story of something better you did in those 3-5 years.
  • 4-6 years experience in digital. 
  • MUST have significant and interesting project / product management experience. 
  • Experience in Product Management required. You must have worked with digital products in some way, contributed to a team, built a product, tested a product, ran projects, been irritated by various project management methodologies and learnt how to use them efficiently - we need to see that you live, eat, sleep and breathe digital products.
  • You need to know what the following is all about: JIRA, Slack, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking & Methodology, UTM tagging, Kanban vs AGILE vs Waterfall (or our favourite, the currently bastardised WAGILE that creeps up on us from time to time)...


Don’t just send your CV. We don’t believe most of the CVs we see anyway. And nothing irritates us more than the 1-click-apply-to-everything culture of today. We need MORE. Anyone who just sends a CV gets junk mailed. We need to know WHY you are right for this. WHY you have the experience. WHY you have the attitude.

  1. Go find out who we are. Google us. Social stalk us. Read our press. Go deep. Do you dream what we dream? WHY?
  2. Go look at our product, our tech, our UX. Write down 3 things that you love about the product and write down 3 things that you would change immediately. 
  3. What digital products have been involved with in the past? What was your greatest product success and greatest product failure? No more than a paragraph...
  4. Only then send us your CV.

Send your answers here: andy at forgood dot co dot za

Start: Soon.

Salary: Market rates. We hate the fact that just because people want to do something socially meaningful, many think they should earn less. Be prepared to earn every 24c (which is like every penny) of that market rate salary though!