13 November 2015

It's Friday 13th - and World Kindness Day! How to take part... [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is no better day to practise a random act of kindness than on World Kindness Day, which is being celebrated globally on 13 November. Besides just being a good thing to do, kindness has been directly linked to good health – the simple act releases the feel good hormone oxytocin, which protects your heart by lowering blood pressure.

“It’s not just the apple that will keep the doctor away but kindness too,” says Andy Hadfield, CEO of forgood (www.forgood.co.za) an online social platform that connects people to Causes. “Giving back and doing good is a global trend, it’s become integral to work culture, with employees putting it high up on their list of work satisfaction criteria.” 

Takes just a moment to be kind. Why not start on Friday 13th 2015? :) Visit www.forgood.co.za

Hadfield’s sentiment is backed by Trialogue, a corporate sustainability business that estimated an R8.2-billion CSI contribution by local businesses in the 2014 fiscal year. These findings are supported by The Charities Aid Foundation, which listed South Africa as the fifth highest climber on the World Giving Index in 2014 - 4.5-million additional South Africans gave up their time to do good over the 2013 survey The numbers are only set to rise with more and more individuals becoming active social citizens. 

“Social activism is growing in South Africa, it’s no longer just about me and how I will benefit but about how all of us can benefit. The recent #FeesMustFall campaign is the perfect example of active social citizenship and it’s just the start,” says Hadfield. “We want to make positive change and create real value for Causes through rallying up the digital masses.”
Describing themselves as a social market place where skills, goods, services and information can easily be offered and asked for, forgood is a central hub for individuals, groups and Causes who want to become more socially active. 

“There are some fantastic Causes doing amazing things across the country, all of them need help in one way or another – be it a volunteer’s time, goods, skills or services – however, there isn’t a central point that connects individuals or corporates with those Causes,” says Hadfield. “We’re the glue that links the one to the other and in so doing, we’re facilitatiing real value for everyone involved.” 

How to be kind and do good? Visit forgood (www.forgood.co.za) and choose from the following options: 

#2  Donate goods 

Connections made through forgood:

The offer 

Sandisiwe has been the main breadwinner in her family for the past few years, her mother passed away five years ago and she takes care of her two younger siblings, aged eight and 10. In 2013 Sandisiwe matriculated with a Bachelors degree entrance. In 2014, thanks to a bursary from Harmony Gold, Sandisiwe began a social work degree at the University of Johannesburg. African Food For Thought NGO (www.afft.org.za) created a need on the forgood platform for Sandisiwe who needed prescription glasses – she was struggling to study as her glasses were four-years-old and needed to be replaced. As a result of the need created on the forgood platform, Sandisiwe was equipped with new glasses thanks to Sam Schneider Optometrists in Northcliff, who saw the need posted on the site and created an offer. 
The need

A student residence group was looking for a Mandela Day activity for 350 students, they decided to respond to a need created by a Cause on the forgood website. As a result of the connection, 350 students were put to work on Mandela Day at the Rare Diseases Society of South Africa.

Come chat!

Website – www.forgood.co.za
Facebook - /forgoodSA
Twitter - @forgoodSA

20 October 2015

forgood is hiring - opportunity in the Community Management & Support Team

What we want: Junior/Mid Community Manager. www.forgood.co.za

Forgood connects people to Causes. We’re building and running THE technology platform for the social sector in South Africa – and eventually other developing markets. We’re a proudly “for profit” – and believe in making money and saving the world at the same time. Our primary business model involves selling a customised version of our platform into corporates as a tool to run their employee volunteering programmes.

YOU MUST BE: Black (sorry, but we’re being blunt here – our team is too white – and therefore we can’t dance, or say “sh’ot left” without a dodgy accent)

YOU MUST WANT: To work in a tech startup involvement. We work really hard, play really hard. Very flexible culture – but obsessed with delivery and getting shit done.

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO: Learn quickly, work fast, think big, prove yourself, leave ego at the door.

YOU MUST: Commit. We’re not going to sink blood, sweat, tears, time and champagne (our celebration method of choice currently) into someone who’s going to ditch when things get hard. You’re in this for 2 years+ or you’re not in it at all.

THE ROLE: Working in our Cause Relationship and Support Team.

  • Assist with Cause Relationship Management
    • Help manage the approval process for Causes (and keep records)
    • Build relationships with all Causes. They need to love you to love us.
    • Meet with and train strategically important Causes
  • Data clean-up
    • Ensure data across forgood consumer and business products is clean, relevant, fresh and friendly.
    • Spelling, grammar, quality of pictures and how things look – we’re fanatical about it.
  • Consumer query desk
    • Manage user and Cause queries coming in on forgood and various business programmes.
    • Learn how to use and generate reports on queries managed through FreshDesk.
    • Understand what the hell FreshDesk even is.
    • Be able to hustle support – many queries a day, fast turnaround, without losing the personality that’s going to make us awesome to all our Users.
    • Generate a fair bit of manual reporting on user interactions, volumes, quality, approval status etc..
    • Assist with all telephonic queries

Qualifications and experience required
  • A tertiary qualification, preferrably in a communications discipline. If you don’t have a degree, prove to us why you don’t need it.
  • At least 3 years of experience in some form of communications – whatever it may be.
  • Comfortable talking to people – over the phone, over email and in person. Community Managers are peoples people.
  • Comfortable in a tech environment. We’re serious about this. You need to love the Internet, be fluent on online platforms and understand your URL from your Excel.
  • Strong writing, editing, creative and communications skills
  • Attention to detail. This is a detail orientated job – if you’ve got your head in the clouds – this one isn’t for you.
  • Speaking and writing in a language that isn’t English or Afrikaans. Zulu? Xhosa? Tsotsitaal? (But your English needs to be solid as well – it’s just the language of the Internet)
  • Marketing and “selling” skills. You’re selling us by supporting our Users.
  • Any social sector experience = bonus


If you’ve read this far, then you’ve passed the first test. Don’t send your CV. CV’s are usually inflated by 86.2%  anyway. Anyone who just sends a CV gets tossed in the digital Trash.

  1. Go find out who we are. Google us. Read about us. Go deep. Think about whether you really want to work here.
  2. Write us a paragraph about what you like about forgood.co.za and what you don’t.
  3. Write us a paragraph telling us why you’ll be a good community manager and support person for our Users.
  4. Tell us one thing you’ve done in your life that should make us interested in you.

When you send this info – send it with the same level of quality you’d use when engaging with our Causes and Users.

That’s it. We’ll get CV’s from the best submissions. We’d like to have you in place by January.
Salary negotiable. But we believe in growing people quickly. You deliver, you contribute to revenue, you keep growing, you can earn whatever you want.

No, we're not giving you an email address. If you can't get in touch with us in this day and age - you don't want it enough :)

29 September 2015

Doing good, now free on Tshwane wifi

Excited to announce another partnership in the forgood stable. This one is particularly interesting as it has real ramifications in bring the tools of "social citizenship" within the grasp of a bigger section of society.

Most important part of this story? The clever folks at Project Isizwe have zero-rated usage of the forgood platform for anyone connected to the Tshwane Free Wifi Project - which means it won't affect each user's daily 250mb browsing cap.

The news below... Welcome to the forgood family, Tshwane!

--- snip ---

The City of Tshwane has launched an initiative known as Tshwane forgood on the City of Tshwane’s Free WiFi network. This initiative is in partnership with Project Isizwe, Happimo and forgood.  

Tshwane forgood is an online platform that connects citizens who want to volunteer time or donate goods with registered and vetted non-profit organisations. It makes finding ways to give back quick, easy, fun and free – all users connected to Tshwane’s free wifi can browse and use the forgood platform without their daily browser limit being affected – in other words, they have zero rated access to do good on the forgood platform (www.forgood.co.za). 

By encouraging its citizens to support those in need the City of Tshwane aims to create a more tolerant and inclusive society. Citizens that would like to volunteer or donate time to a good cause can find out more following the links on the Tshwane Free WiFi content portal, www.tobetsa.com

Municipalities are increasingly playing a powerful role in the Internet connectivity access space. Tshwane forgood creates a perfect opportunity to bridge the economic gap between the haves and the have not.

“Tshwane ForGood is another example of how the City of Tshwane is using technology to improve the lives of residents,” says Kgosientso Ramokgopa, Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane. 

17 September 2015

#uberforgood cleans up

Here's an update on the recent #uberforgood campaign where South Africans where able to use Ubers to pick up donations, drop them off at our forgood depots and then we used the forgood platform to match these donations out to Causes that could really use them.

Below you'll find some stats, numbers and stories from the campaign. Donations are about 90% allocated at present. Thank you South Africa, you were awesome.

Enjoy the campaign video!

--- snip ---

South Africa, 16 September 2015: More than a thousand pairs of shoes, piles of clothing, 10 baby seats, a couch, a few sets of golf clubs, computers, laptops and a box of cellphones – these are just some of the goods collected through the #uberforgood spring clean campaign that exploded on Twitter on the 08th of September.

Individuals and corporates were asked in the spirit of generosity to clean out their closets as part of the #uberforgood campaign, which saw Uber driver partners collecting items, at no cost, from users across the country. Items were then dropped off at forgood depots in Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban and are currently being sorted and matched to Causes registered on the forgood platform.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support for the campaign. Our Joburg depot was literally filled floor to ceiling with goods,” CEO of forgood Andy Hadfield said. “Our online platform connects Causes to groups or individuals, we partnered with Uber to demonstrate just how easy doing good can be. The campaign, which was literally run at the click of a button, has already benefitted more than 50 Causes. Technology is opening so many doors for the social sector, we’re uber excited to play in this space.

Uber users, new and old, were given a week to spring clean. On 8 September the uberforgood vehicle view became available on the Uber app and within seconds of the campaign launching the first vehicle was requested. Demand was through the roof for the remainder of the day, with some goods being collected the following day due to high demand.

We really wanted to run a campaign to demonstrate just how easy it is for riders to contribute using our technology platform. When we heard about the forgood platform, we knew it would be the perfect company to partner with on a campaign of this kind. It is really exciting that through this campaign and the Uber technology we’ve managed to help South Africans donate items to over 50 Causes in need.” Alon Lits, RGM of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa said.

#uberforgood in numbers:
  • Participating regions: Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban
  • Causes reached: 370
  • Causes impacted: 50+
  • Number of clothing boxes collected: 500
  • Volume of Joburg donations: 175 cubic metres
  • Other cool donations: Bedding, printers, books, prams, cots, toys, golf clubs, guitars, keyboards, computers, jewellery and 1 punching bag.
  • Number of social media impressions generated through the involvement of all South Africa's social citizens: 10 million 

03 September 2015

Spear Phishing & the Mimecast Human Firewall Event

Spear Phishing. Not the fun kind. Doesn’t result in fish braais.

I would never click a phishing link” – the most commonly overheard phrase from people who are likely to click a phishing link. Internet security is a deep, black hole of scary stuff that we try our very best to ignore.

I actually have a slide dedicated to this in one of my talks (Future Kids Future Customers) that walks people through how many colossal security breaches have happened in the last 2 years – and how little we seem to care. And those are the public ones that are reports, not the ones the banks don’t disclose.

I met one of those people the other day. She’d had her bank account hacked and had R30k odd drained. Bank insisted she’d clicked on a phishing email. She insisted she hadn’t. While I’d like to trust her, I suspect she got had. And that made me sad.

Mimecast are doing some interesting stuff around enterprise protection against these kind of attacks. And they’re holding a conference if you want to know more. I’m interested enough in this – to tell you.

If you have a business or if you want to be a little more empowered around security decisions (phishing is just the beginning of the journey) – then you’ll enjoy this info.

Security is like backups. Not useful until it is.



Ah, criminal hackers! Those scallywags. As melodramatic as it might sound, you have but to hang out on the Internet for a few days to figure out that the pimply teenagers out there wield considerable power in this new digital age. And in fact, they’re not just pimply teenagers anymore. There are dedicated hacking businesses across the globe, trading personal information and national secrets in an economy that will induce tin-foil-hat-wearing in the very best of us.

Here’s an infographic with more.


For the full story, read that white paper and go to the event. But here’s a little bit from them around some software that will help – as well as the philosophical approach of building a “human firewall”. A human firewall is the idea of educating your staff so that they’re the first line of defense (not the first line of happy clickers) in the security process.

“Mimecast has software that scans and rewrites all hyperlinks in emails to check whether they are malicious or not, but with the rate of change by the hacking community, technology can’t (unfortunately) always block everything. Mimecast’s new version of Targeted Threat Protection also teaches people why links are malicious when they click on them by alerting them to the URL (which may look like fnb.co.za but is actually fbn.co.za, or looks like ‘SARS’ but is actually ‘SAR’). We’re also trying to help build the human firewall in businesses by encouraging all business decision makers to do their part by educating their staff about the dangers of sharing personal information using a malicious link.”

More anti-virus for all y’all! But seriously – I like the concept of a human firewall. We have stuck our heads in the sand when it comes to ALL issues of digital security. Perhaps it’s time we started talking about this.

What say you?