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The end of MyBEER (the app)...

Bit of a sad day today as we announce that MyBEER the app won't be continuing. The MyBEER community will live on at from tomorrow. MyBEER was always an experiment to see what generating conversation across the beer vertical would be like. It's been amazing fun and an honour to work with the teams at SAB, Quirk & Prezence to make this project happen. Sometimes, these things just end. That's business. In Memoriam :) On a positive note, this does allow myself and team to concentrate on Real Time Wine - and we're hopefully cooking up something really interesting in this regard. Let's hope the stars align. Here are the stats from the beer journey. 3,278  downloads 1,244 users 3,389 beer reviews 872 beers loaded by users 380 breweries loaded by users 19,758 visits 170,468 page views It's been grand! Here's the statement from SAB. Please check out the new MyBEER community (as of 1 October). Instead of an app

Feedback on the MINI #ManDay Prize...

A while back, dear Readers, some of you submitted " things that make a man, a man " - in honour of the MINI Paceman launch. The best of those entries were treated to a day at the tracks by MINI. It was, to say the least, pretty rad. I especially like my movie style 180 degree turn. On the second attempt. Some comments from the readers who went along: Nick: My car broke down today :( But I'm afraid if I replace it with a MINI I'll only want to drive like I'm on a racetrack! Thanks so much again, way more than I expected and so much fun :) Johann: Thank you it was an awesome day! We enjoyed the go carts as well. Jeanine: I had a wonderful time! From organisation of the event, to the driving instructors, especially Gina who was awesome, to everything I learnt, I really had fun. The MINI was such a sexy little car to drive, and I am happy that I had the opportunity to do so as I have never driven a MINI before! It is defin