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A personal letter from ABSA about 22seven... Wait for ABSA Online, Andy! Please!

WOW. I'm not even an ABSA client and they hunted me down on LinkedIn to send me this personalised email (probably just the "Dear Andy" bit, hence don't feel bad talking about it) about 22seven , the new PFM startup in South Africa. ABSA are being extremely aggressive about this. And in some ways I can understand why. Otherwise, there are some big ouch'es in this one. Knee jerk if anything. --- snip --- Hi Andy, Given the activity and conversation on social media sites around the 22seven launch yesterday, we have prepared the following information for you, that deals with security concerns associated with the sharing of one’s sensitive personal information. There is also a formal statement that one can link to – available here. The security of our customers’ financial and personal information is of paramount importance to us. We place a strong focus on ensuring that our customers are in complete control of their finances, and that there is no unauthorised

POLL: Would you give your banking details to 22seven?

Fascinating debate going on, so pushed out a public poll to my Facebook/Twitter community. Here are the results as of Friday 27 January 4pm. The QUESTION: Would you give your bank login details to 22seven, the new all-accounts-in-one-place money manager from the old 20/20 Bank team? It helps analyze your finances and attempts to save you money and improve financial health (like The results in numbers are: YES ( 24 votes) Yes, if my bank's fraud policies still apply ( 20 votes) NO ( 33 votes) If it was through my own bank's API ( 1 vote) Of course, it's the way of the future ( 1 vote) Still signs of an immature PFM industry. Account aggregation is very common place amoung technology empowered first world nations. Nonetheless, this is a debate we MUST have. Keep it going...

Most popular posts on for 2011...

I thought it would be interesting to take a quick dive into my Google Analytics and see which posts resonated with y'all in 2011. Here are the results... 10th PLACE . Cell C launches new 42mbps network ... Cool event. Cool to see 40mbps even though we were underneath the base tower. The Storify embed hasn't ported to this blog template, just hit Storify and search for Andy Hadfield, you'll find it. 9th PLACE . HTC launches new range of Smartphones . Cool phones. Especially the ChaCha with its one click post-to-Facebook button.  8th PLACE . Windows Phone 7 review . I really liked this phone. And now with Microsoft and Nokia getting into bed, I think we're going to see a lot more of the Metro interface in the world of mobile. 7th PLACE . Symbian S60 Guitar Tuner. Power of SEO. Old post, app doesn't even exist. 6th PLACE . Jump Shopping's Top 20 eCommerce websites . Some surprises, but good to see that eCommerce is ticking along in a country where only 10% of

MindBullet: Nanotech dominates manufacturing as Invisible Economy booms

DATELINE: 19 February 2019 The most interesting thing about Nanotech (forget for a moment that it is by very definition - awesome) is how it will effect "business as usual". Especially with regards to inventory management and supply chains. What happens to our world when the gap between production and consumption becomes non existent? Think about who loses out... Manufacture, Wholesale, Retail... Are you in any of those businesses? MindBullets are a fantastic series of articles from the FutureWorld group. Essentially they're news broadcasts from the future, showing us examples of just how quickly our world is changing, and where it might take us. Explore further MindBullets  or read more about the  FutureWorld Group  (of which Andy Hadfield is a member).

ZA Tech Show Episode 192 - Outlook 2012

In this, the third of our annual ZA Tech Show holiday specials, we take a look at the year ahead and make some predictions for 2012. Your holiday crew of Andy Hadfield, Ben Kelly, Brett Haggard and Simon Dingle are onboard for a run-through of some of what’s to come… Click here to download/stream the audio or video for the show...

ZA Tech Show Episode 191 - Picks of the Year 2011

As 2011 draws to a close our ZA Tech Show holiday crew of Andy Hadfield, Ben Kelly, Brett Haggard and Simon Dingle run through TechCentral’s ‘International newsmakers of the year’ and pick our top technology products and news stories from the annum. Click here to download/stream the video and audio for the show...

ZA Tech Show Episode 190 - The Geek Gift Guide

Wondering what to get your geek(s) this festive season? Our special ZA Tech Show holiday crew of Andy Hadfield, Ben Kelly, Brett Haggard and Simon Dingle have some suggestions for you. In this, the first of our 2011 holiday specials, we discuss branded notebooks, gaming gifts, gadgets and other great must-haves for this year... Download the audio or video for this show here...

ZA Tech Show Episode 189 - Fingerprints

As the 2011 festive season gets underway, Andy Hadfield, Ben Kelly, Brett Haggard and Simon Dingle gather at ZA Tech Show HQ to discuss; Intel’s “ultrabooks” – supposedly big next year. HP open-sourcing WebOS. Mobile app development and HTML 5. Windows 8 and Windows Phone. DStv is launching a new satellite. Local loop unbundling. iCloud’s backup fail. Absa’s NFC trial. Mac App store reaches 100 million downloads while Android tops 10 billion. The Video Game Awards. Our technology picks of the week: Andy Hadfield: Mi-Fone . Ben Kelly: Picks on Matthew Reilly . Brett Haggard: Picks the iNoxCase and Tweetdeck for sucking. Simon Dingle: Mario Kart 7 . Click here to download the video or audio of the show!