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Twitter Wine Review - September 2009

Another little social experiment. Jot down every bottle of wine I taste with a short comment and rating. The theory is, search my Twitter archives by wine brand for a quick lookup history of what I like and don't like. Theoretically. Of course, I'm also hoping this becomes a little social trend. Doesn't everybody? Enjoy! My Wine Review List: Rust en Vrede 2004 Shiraz. Needed to breathe. Once given breath - surprising, full flavour, great nose. 7/10. #wine Glen Carlou Tortoise Hill Red 2006. Ave. But saved by the chilli chocolate steak. #wine Thelema Cabernet Sauvignon 2004. Popped this one a little early methinks. 5/10. #wine Zonnebloem Merlot 2007. Pretty ave. Maybe with coke next time? 4/10. #wine

What you said and what you did - a guide to internet abbreviations

Not sure where this originated, but it sure is funny... LMAO. Thank you Claire Taylor for this gem...

Most popular iPhone applications for South African users...

* as voted for by a quick crowd-sourcing exercise on Twitter. So, I've just invested a potload of "buy in" cash, stolen the wife's cellphone contract upgrade and taken the dive into a true SmartPhone experience. Yes, the iPhone 3GS 32 GB is finally mine. It really is easy to be an Apple fanboy, isn't it. Obviously one of the most important parts of an iPhone experience is the collection of apps that you have. To that end, I crowd-sourced some local favourites. Here they are! This list is a great starting point for any new iPhone user, or for someone looking to expand their collection. Most are free, and I've indicated where some of the applications seem to be unavailable in the SA iTunes store. Without further ado... Most popular iPhone applications for South African users... Top voted applications, in order of popularity: Evernote Layer (POSSIBLY INTERNATIONAL) Shazam (POSSIBLY INTERNATIONAL) Tweetie 2 Wikipanion Around Me Camera Genius C

Recommended podcasts for the South African digital public...

This post has been brewing for a while as I've slowly started to embrace the new media content lifestyle.  It's quite frightening when you look at how the digital natives consume content these days. I don't listen to the radio anymore. Full stop. Too many ads, not enough good content and too reliant on middle-of-the-road personalities. I've put an iPod jack in the Audi and now consume podcasts on a daily basis. There is some damn good content out there. Here are my top picks - as good a starting point as any. South African Tech Podcasts ZA Tech Show Simon Dingle, Brett Haggard, Duncan McLeod and a whack of other IT journo guests host SA's most technically astute podcast. This is some heavy tech stuff - but no BS, straight down the line. Often accused of talking more about their iPhones than the news, you have to realise - the iPhone is the news. And they're cool. From the latest chips to online gaming to Apple vs PC debates - it's all here. Th