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Senior .NET / C# Full Stack Web Developers @

Hello Developer! Let's see if we can get you excited - we're in need of your l33t skillz.

>> Why Us

The poor are getting poorer. The richer are getting richer. There are a group of organisations stuck in the middle that are losing the battle to close this gap. Solve this problem - you'll help develop the developing world.

We’re going to fight this global imbalance by connecting the resources of the empowered to the needs of the disempowered. We're doing it with tech - providing a platform (both to the public and inside companies) that creates efficient, relevant and magical connections.

We create giving experiences.

>> Us as a Business

We think there's a fascinating gap in the social entrepreneurship space. The intersection between pure capitalism and pure charity. Where incentives can drive performance. Where technology can drive change. Where we have access to risk capital to solve social problems. We're trying to change the world - but we're bu…

An Ashoka Interview. Great Changemakers Start in Their Youth. #LeadYoung #YouthEntrepreneur

Those who started something in their teens were four times as likely to be an entrepreneur and five times as likely to be a founder.

Ashoka is the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs, a field founded by Ashoka CEO, Bill Drayton, in 1981. Since then, Ashoka has studied the most impactful social entrepreneurs to define the best practices and patterns that allowed them to create scalable and sustainable impact. Starting something in one’s teens was found to be a key predictor for success in change-making: a critical skill in today’s world dominated by the most rapid pace of change ever seen.
This interview is one of a series highlighting the stories of CEOs, who founded a venture in their teens, and is part of Ashoka’s global movement to create ecosystems that can support young people to begin change-making in their teens.

Ashoka: Could you describe your young change-making experience?
Andy Hadfield: When I was 19 years old, I was a member of the radio station at the University o…

The Third Wave of the Internet: Policies, Partnerships and Perseverance.

Listened to an interesting interview between Jason Calacanis and Steve Case (ex AOL CEO) about a book he's just released. AOL, if you'll remember was one of the glory companies of the "first wave" of the Internet. It went from around $6b to $120b valuation in 2-3 years and then took part in one of the biggest mergers in history - with Time Warner.

His book speaks about the "third wave of the Internet" and what’s going to be important to business going forward. I'm a fan of looking back in order to look forward. The full interview is below - I've unpacked some of my thoughts (without having read the book) and summarised some of the more interesting points as well.

Everyone seems to like the 3 P's approach. Steve is no different.

My NOTES and THOUGHTS on the Interview:

THE SECOND WAVE (the Internet as we know it now)

People: The birth of communities, citizen journalism, user created content, viral-ness, sharing, humanity developing online personalit…

Beef Trinchado Potjie

Spotted this recipe in a magazine - have tried it multiple times and it comes out better than dinkum Trinchado from a Porra place. Tres YUM.

Can't remember which magazine, sorry!

Pork and Apple Potjie Recipe

This recipe adapted off a Food24 recipe. Pork. Apple. Potjie. 3 things that should go well together. And do! Read on…

Pork and Apple Potjie Recipe

50g cake flourhandfull of thyme1kg pork, deboned and cubed2 onions, diced3 stalks celery, sliced250ml chicken stock250ml apple juice3 large potatoes, quartered6-8 carrots, chunky chopped4 green Grannysmith apples, skinned, cored and dicedoilsalt and pepper to taste
Crazy sweetcorn pap-dumplings

125ml maize meal250ml water1 egg, whisked60g cake flour5ml baking powder1 tin sweet corn, drainedsalt to taste
Roll the meat in thyme, flour, salt and pepper.

Heat the oil in the potjie and sauté the onion and celery until soft. 

Add the meat and brown. 

Add the stock, apples and apple juice and simmer until the meat is nearly done. 

Add the potatoes and carrots and simmer until nearly done. If you need a little more liquid, some Sauvignon Blanc (fruity as possible) will do!

In the meantime, prep dumplings and place them on top of all the ingredients in the p…

How to clean and prepare a potjie pot for first time use!

Really easy, but one of the most often asked questions in the potjie stable. How to clean and prepare a potjie pot for first time use. Kinda important, because it comes fresh from the shop with a bunch of awesome chemicals on it.

Scrub it with warm water Sunlight liquid (washing up liquid)Heat over the fireScrub it again with warm water and Sunlight liquid (washing up liquid)Back over the fireUse newspaper to wipe the inside of the pot and inside of the lid. Continue to wipe until all the “black” stuff has come off.One last wash to get the newspaper stuff off.Oil it with sunflower oil.Make magic.

Spicy Venison Potjie Recipe

Oh, bring it on! Potjie Master Mark de Villiers dips into local kultuur and sends us this gem (from far north of the boerewors curtain). Loving it…

Spicy Venison Potjie Recipe

2 Large Onions4 Large cloves garlic2kg venison shin (Riebok in this case)250g diced bacon (fatty is better)4 medium tomatoes grated1 head broccoli125g dried apricots10-12 shitake mushrooms (look in a local Asian store for these!)125g prunes1 large butternut3 large carrots3 large Turnips5 medium sized Madumbi, peeled and chopped into 1cm slices1 pack pattipans½ cup white vinegar½ cup good South African olive oil (Italian stuff we get here is crap)1 cup red wine (or more)1 cup stock (I prefer my own bone broth)1 tbsp Mother Inlaw masala (Ask at your local Indian spice shop)4 cardamom pods1 stick cinnamon2 bay leavesIna Paarman rosemary and olive saltHoney
Yes I know there are tons of ingredients, but it’s worth it!

Sprinkle the venison shin liberally with Rosemary and Olive salt, then pour the vinegar over it in a sea…

Lamb, Red Wine, Brandy and Dumplings Potjie Recipe

Had a great Sunday afternoon with Potjie Novice Jeremy Cowen. The former chef took to cast iron pot cooking like a moth to a flame. And introduced some funky tweaks to this recipe, based on one from Jock Forrester:

Here’s our version.

Lamb, Red Wine, Brandy and Dumplings Potjie Recipe

4 onions - two chopped and two quartered.Fresh garlic, 8 cloves.3tbs mixed chopped herbs, FRESH is better (thyme, rosemary, parsley, oregano)Olive oil for frying meat and onions3 large carrots, chopped into chunky bits1 large butternut (¼ chopped into small blocks, about 1cm X 1cm, the rest chopped big).½ of a bottle of red wine, some heavy and spicy1.5 to 2kg lamb neck2 heads of broccoli2 tins of tomato and onion mix2 handfuls of baby potatoesBlack pepperSaltCous Cous (for serving with)Dumpling dough (it’s just bread dough from Spar with some flour to craft your dough balls)
Put in some olive oil, fry the chopped onions and garlic until th…

Beef, Beer & Coke Potjie Recipe

This recipe is adapted from the Funky Munky. All Hail.

We made quite a few changes, but credit to the original (or wherever the original came from!). It was pretty damn good - a nice thick saucy creation.

Beef, Beer & Coke Potjie Recipe

The Dusting Stuff: Cake flour, Paprika

The Liquid: 1 x 375ml Coca Cola, 1 x 375 ml beer (Hansa is good), 500 ml beef stock, 1 packet tomato soup powder

The Other Stuff:

2 kg beef goulash30 ml butter30 ml cooking oil4 medium onions, thinly sliced30 ml white sugarPacket of green beans, chopped in half8 carrots, peeled and cut into chunky bits2 cloves garlic, finely chopped10 ml mixed dried herbs3 bay leaves
The For Later Stuff: 30 ml vinegar, 20 ml cornflour, salt and pepper to taste

Lots of paprika and flour in a big plastic bag. Chuck in the goulash and shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture. 

Melt the butter and oil in the pot and brown the meat and onions and sugar. After they’re “brown” - add the …

Pork and Mustard Bread Potjie Recipe

This was one of the most unique potjie recipes we’ve ever come across. And we learned some valuable lessons. Like, don’t try this with Eisbein. Fatty globular mess of crap that we had to haul out at the end. Pork rib or Pork neck = rocking.

The flavour was incredible - and that mustard bread - genius! The lads and lasses at Potjiekos World really know what they’re talking about.

The recipe called for peas. We didn’t try those because someone in the cooking party was a big pea wimp. But we reckon peas would be an awesome addition. We also upped on the lemon and tweaked some stuff about the bread.

Pork and Mustard Bread Potjie Recipe

4 rashers rindless bacon, cut into pieces1 kg boneless thick rib of pork, cubed2 medium onions, chopped2 large carrots, sliced2 stalks celery, chopped350 ml beer125 ml meat stock1 bay leaf5 ml saltFreshly ground black pepper to tasteRind from ¾ of a lemon30 ml lemon juice250 ml fresh or frozen peasMUSTARD BREAD10 chunky slices of french loafButterFull jar of…

Yet Another Lamb Potjie Recipe

There are so many lamb potjie recipes. Seriously. But this one is nice. And easy. And has some interesting stuff in it (lemon, soya, mushroom soup). Can’t remember where I found it. Reckon the secret is in the mushroom soup/gravy powder.

Yet Another Lamb Potjie Recipe

1 kg leg of lamb, cut into 3 cm cubes1 tablespoon butter3 medium onions, sliced10 baby potatoes10 whole baby carrots, peeled8 whole baby marrows250 ml meat stock1.5 tsp salt1 tsp celery salt2 tbls worcestershire sauce2 tsp soya sauce2 tsp lemon juice1 tsp dried thyme (and/or rosemary)1 tbls brown gravy powder1 tbls mushroom soup powderGarlic
1  Heat the butter in the pot with some garlic. Fry that shit up!

2  Stir fry the onions until tender

3  Move the onions to one side and place the meat next to the onions. Using a large spoon place the onions on top of the meat. Cover and simmer for about 30 minutes until the meat renders its own juice

4  Place the potatoes on top of the meat without letting them touch the side of the pot


Pork, Prune and Oyster Potjie Recipe

First of all, recipe credit to PotjieKosKing. We didn’t change it much, just increased some volumes, added one or two things in, removed one or two things... OK, so we changed it a bit. But the essence remains and credit goes where credit is due.

Now. Listen. You’re going to feel a little odd about the oysters. Go with it. They add this weird but awesome saltiness to the potjie. The recipe looks pretty complicated, but asides from about 35 min prep - it’s very doable.

Pork, Prune and Oyster Potjie Recipe

2 kg of pork fillet, preferably in 4 or 6 big chunks Packet of prunes, depipped Tin of smoked oysters16 Baby onions8 Celery sticks, chopped up16 Baby potatoes12-16 baby marrows, chopped up chunky3 tablespoons Butter50ml Cooking oil15ml Cake flour450ml Beef stock450ml Red wineSalt to taste5ml Black pepper16 dumplings (buy bread dough, make snooker sized balls with flour to stop ‘em sticking)Cous Cous
1  Butterfly the pork fillet. Stuff the oysters inside the prunes. Stuff the prunes insid…

Beef and Guinness Potjie Recipe

Always wanted to try this one. The pub pie version always goes down well. Why shouldn't cooking pie filling in a big pot work?

Beef and Guinness Potjie Recipe

¼ cup olive oil1 kg beef goulash2 tablespoons crushed garlic1 cup beef stock in hot water1 440 ml can of Guinness beer1 cup of red wine (plonk preferable)2 tablespoons tomato paste2 tablespoon sugar1 tablespoon dried thyme2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce4 bay leaves3 tablespoons butter6 potatoes, peeled, cut into ½-inch pieces2 large onion, chopped6 peeled carrots, choppedSalt and Pepper2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
Heat olive oil in Potjie. Lightly salt and pepper the beef pieces. Brown the beef. Should take about 5 minutes. 

Add garlic and sauté 1 minute. Add beef stock, Guinness, red wine, tomato paste, sugar, thyme, Worcestershire sauce, parsley and bay leaves. Stir (yeah, we know… But its based on a stew so suspend the no-stir rule this time). Leave on the Potjie for an hour. Keep the heat as consistent as possible.

Super Simple Super Saver Oxtail Potjie Recipe

It’s the potjie of potjies - the oxtail. The one everyone hauls out when they’re trying to impress. So how about impressing them with your sparkling conversation rather than slaving over a hot fire?

This is so bloody simple to get on the go. The OB’s adds a nice little twist… Credit for this one goes to Potjie Master Colin Ogden (who believes in stirring his potjies, sies, but this tasted nice, so he’ll get away with it, once).

Super Simple Super Saver Oxtail Potjie Recipe

1 whole ox tail (+- 1.5kg)Couple ‘o OnionsTin of whole peeled tomatoes200ml Old Brown SherryPotatoesCarrotsRed PepperGarlic 
Brown the onions with the oxtail. Fry 'em up good over a hot fire & hot pot. Add the tomatoes and sherry. Leave for 2 hours. 

Add potatoes, carrots and red pepper (sliced). STIR (sies!). Cook for another 2 hours minimum, preferably another 3. 

4-5 hours total cook time.


Chicken and Brown Onion Potjie Recipe

This is all about one of nature's (not nature really, it's fake as hell) biggest and most underutilised gifts - brown onion soup.

Chicken and Brown Onion Potjie Recipe

Chicken Pieces 1 Packet Brown Onion Soup Patty Pans Baby Marrows Potatoes Chardonnay Cream
Fry up the chicken in some oil. Mix brown onion soup in 200ml hit water. Add to Potjie. Chuck in the veg, potatoes and add a swig of Chardonnay (you first, then the pot). 

Wait 90 minutes. Add cream and some salt and pepper to taste. Serve over rice or noodles with a spicy red wine. 

Say thanks.

Chicken and Greek Yoghurt Potjie Recipe

Over a couple of bottles of wine, myself and some cohorts thought we should attempt a wicked difficult culinary masterpiece of a potjie. And we almost, almost pulled it off! If anything, a wine related misunderstanding caused us to add a bit too much wine to the potjie. Shit happens.

Still - this one will blow you away. Really delicate flavours and not too tricky.

Chicken and Greek Yoghurt Potjie Recipe


500ml Greek Yoghurt2kg Chicken pieces2 Green peppers, cut length-wise300g Carrots, peeled and sliced6 Large potatoes, peeled and quartered100g Dried apricots200g Green beans, cut into pieces150g Mushrooms, slicedSalt to taste1 Packet of mushroom soup


500ml Dry white wine10ml Dried thyme10ml Grated lemon peel1 Large onion, finely chopped5ml Ground black pepper3 Bay leaves5ml Dried ‘dragon’

Mix all the ingredients of the marinade, pour over the chicken and allow to marinade for 6 to 8 hours (jaaaa, we didn’t quite do it for 6 hours, but an hour at least). 

Heat the potjie until …

Chicken and Chorizo Potjie Recipe

Just a quiet night in Joburg, the Big Smoke. Bored? Potjie. This has to be one of my all time favourites - repeated in various guises with various inspired and sometimes uninspired tweaks. Below, is the original...

Chicken and Chorizo Potjie Recipe

2kg chicken on the bone 3 peppers of different colours 2 onions Garlic Chilli High quality chorizo Can of Mexican tomatoes Can of diced tomatoes Can of water for some liquid action 250g mushrooms 1 packet black olives (pitted!) 30ml paprika Fresh thyme Fresh bay
Add oil to the bottom of the potjie pot. Coat the chicken in flour (this helps thicken the sauce a little). Brown chicken and onions and garlic. Add chorizo. Fry that shit up for a while.

Add everything else. Yeah, everything. Except mushrooms. Cook for 2 hours. Don’t lift the lid! Add mushrooms. Cook for another 30 mins. Make sure it gurgles nice and softly the whole time. Serve with rice and red wine! Cheap red wine will do. Chorizo is a powerful equalizer.

Recipe Credit: Andrew and H…

Lamb Knuckle Potjie Recipe

Righto boys and girls, dames en here, braai masters and salad makers. We’re here today with Potjie Master Terry Faul for a traditional Lamb Knuckle potjie. It’s an easy one, and damn tasty (aren’t they all). We suggest adding chilli. But then we always say that.

Lamb Knuckle Potjie Recipe

Enough Lamb Knuckle to feed your party1 Onion cut in quartersBag of Potato quartersBag of Carrots (cut ‘em chunky)Thing of Mushrooms2 x Cans Mexican Tomatoes1 Beer (any beer, local is lekker)½ botte red wine (not the great stuff, but not turps either)Hot curry powder to taste
Brown the lamb using the curry powder. Remove the meat from the potjie and put it in a tray while you cook the onion with some olive oil. Think of this almost like deglazing the pot! When the onions are soft, add back the meat and continue to stir.

Add the canned tomatoes, all the veg. Pour in the beer (have a sneaky sip first) and the 1/2 bottle red wine (another sneaky sip).

Put lid on. Remember: no peaking and no stirring. Listen …

Chicken and Bacon Potjie Recipe

Dames en here, ek is hier met Potjie Master Danie Kotzee (die fokken legend vannie biltong potjie wat ons in die Drakenberg gecook get). Ons gaan probeer ‘n nuwe potjie vir jy vanaand gee. Excuse my beautiful Afrikaans. Ek try. *switching to English*

Chicken and Bacon Potjie Recipe

Oil (duh)Chicken with excess fat cut offSalt and Pepper250g bacon1 onion, diced750g potatoes2 teaspoons Tumeric200g baby carrots2 bay leaves2 twigs fresh thyme2 twigs fresh rosemary2 packs baby corn300ml warm water and chicken stock
Fry up the onions, bacon and chicken in the potjie pot. Layer potatoes, baby corn, carrots and tumeric.

In a jug take the water and chicken stock, mix it up (no lumps) and add thyme, rosemary, bay leaves. Pour the mixture into the potjie pot. 

No stirring, listen for the gurgle. 90 to 120 min to done. Nice, ne?

REPORT BACK: This was bladdy (in our best Herschelle Gibbs accent, sorry just read his book) nice. At first, we thought the 300ml of liquid wouldn’t be enough - but this felt …

Biltong Potjie Recipe

The Biltong Potjie. It’s like the Loch Ness Monster of potjies. Everyone’s heard of one, some have even seen seen one - but not many know how to make one.

On a recent trip out into the Drakensburg, we made of point of trying out the Biltong Potjie. It was good (GREAT). Different. But oh so good. Rich. So go easy on the starters.

Here we go!

Biltong Potjie Recipe

2 packs bacon1 green pepper 6 onions 500g button mushrooms 1 tin mielies (not the creamy one) 1 kg sliced biltong 500ml cream Big bag of noodles (your choice: twisty, screw - just not macaroni, that’d be dumb) 450g cheese
The first thing that threw me was the noodles. I’ve never put noodles in a potjie. It sounds wrong. Like kissing your sister. 

But after some extensive googling, it seemed like it was ok. Just this once…

Warning. You’ll barely have time to down a beer on this one. It’s the quickest potjie known to man - about 30 minutes from start to finish. 

Man make fire. Apply potjie pot to good coal set. Man put oil in potjie p…

A potjie inside a chicken? (The Beer up the Bum Story)

If you haven’t heard of it by now, you’re missing out. The Beer Bird is the latest craze to hit our braai-besotted country. We reckon it just makes Extreme Potjie stable, because, well… You are kinda creating a potjie up the bird’s butt. There’s gurgling, I just wouldn’t get close enough to hear it.

Ignore the crass humour. The Beer Bird is probably one of the best chicken dishes you’ll EVER have. S'true. Every good potjie-up-the-bum needs a recipe, so without further ado:

Chicken with a beer up its bum
1 Large ChickenOilChilli Sauce (use our green and red chilli sauce if you like, or substitute)AromatMixed HerbsLemon Wedges
Clean out the chicken. Baste the outside AND inside with all the spices - to your taste. I suggest get someone to pour oil into your hands and then load you up with spice. Then just partake in a bit of slap ‘n tickle. Show the bird who’s boss. 

Drink 2-3 small sips out of the beer (we used Hansa). Put the bird on top. 

Then I’d say about 90 minutes in a Weber (the…

Original and Easy Green, Red & White Chilli Sauce Recipe

If you want the funky green, red and white (the white is garlic) look - you’ll need to use red and green chillis (mixed). To be honest, not bullshitting anyone (especially anyone who has a larney hybrid light-your-ass-on-fire chilli bush) - I got the seeds for this bush from Builders Warehouse. Word.

Good start recipe for chilli sauce beginners.

Original and Easy Green, Red & White Chilli Sauce Recipe

Red and Green Chillis (as many as you need)1 Clean Jar with airtight lid White spirit vinegar Sugar Garlic
Here’s how it goes. Whirr it (liquidise, blend - whatever you can). Strain it (like you would tea). Spoon it into the jar and add back a bit of the “sous” that’s left over from the straining process. 

You could cook this down in a pot/pan to enrich the flavours if you had a bit of time to kill.

Traditional Lamb and Dumplings Potjie Recipe

Ok. So the plan here was to give ourselves some credibility, and show you that we don’t only know the artsy fartsy recipes.

The "original potjie" is the golden target of all good potjie purists. Anyone can whip out the Tofu rubbish. Not just anyone can pull together the original herbs and spices that Colonel Sanders would give his left nut for. So for this installment of Extreme Potjie - we take a trip back in time to original potjies, the South African way.

Traditional Lamb and Dumplings Potjie Recipe

The flavour
1 tsp each of the following, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, pepper corns, coarse salt (kinda like the same stuff you would put on biltong before drying)4-5 bay leaves3-4 clovesChillis to preference.Mash this all together in a pestle and mortar, or otherwise wrap them up in some cloth and moer it with a hammer.
The Other Stuff
500g lamb (knuckles, chops - anything with a some bone on it)Three cloves garlic (diced) - always better to use fresh500ml to 1 litre Stock - oxta…

Classic Oxtail Potjie Recipe

Can’t remember where we pilfered this recipe from. So if you’re reading your recipe here, give us a shout in the comments and we’ll give credit where credit is due!

Classic Oxtail Potjie Recipe

500 - 600g Oxtail pieces2 smoky Kassler chops cubed (you can use bacon, about ½ a packet but bacon just does not seem to be as smoky as it used to be)½ cup seasoned flour1 liter beef stock400g tin tomato paste2 tablespoons crushed garlic2 dry bay leaves4 large leeks roughly chopped2 large onions roughly chopped (little onions – saves chopping_2 large carrots roughly chopped (maybe baby carrots - saves the chopping)3 large potatoes roughly chopped (prefer baby potatoes – saves chopping)250g punnet button mushrooms1 cup red wine½ cup sherry50g butterOlive oilPeppercornsFresh Mixed herbs, about 10 stalks tied together that you can remove easily
Prepare your fire to a hot coal stage and have plenty of spare charcoal or wood standing by because you are going to need to keep the fire going for about 4 h…

Homemade Chilli Sauce Recipe (Reckless Red)

Another chilli sauce recipe (chili for the Yanks) right off the bat. This one is interesting. It masquerades as a gentle arrabiatta with the after burn of a pregnant mule. Who woulda thunk it. Perhaps it was the strength of the chillis. Perhaps it was just meant to be.

The chilli bush in question has offered 5 harvests of nice, pointy green chillis. And two red chillis. Yup, the same bush. So we took a chance on the red ones.

If you're thinking of growing chillis, the best starter pack is probably your bog standard "mixed chilli seeds" from the nursery. Get fancy once you got practice.

This sauce is a doozy. Goes well on boerrie rolls (hot dogs), bread, steak etc. I’m thinking you could even make a pasta out of it.

Reckless Red Chilli Sauce Recipe

2 super strong red chillis1 onion¾ can chopped tomatoes1 can / sachet tomato puree1 teaspoon paprika2 basil leaves 2 cloves garlic 2 tablespoons white sugar 3 tablespoons white spirit vinegar 2 tablespoons olive oil
Heat the oliv…

Homemade Chilli Sauce Recipe (The Green Devil)

So, I went scrounging around in the little vegetable garden at the back for the latest chilli crop - in the hope of making some chilli sauce to go with the endless stream of potjies.

Here’s your first recipe. A zesty, fresh, natural chilli sauce that takes all of 10 minutes to prepare.

Green Devil Chilli Sauce Recipe

9 green chillis 1 onion 4 fresh bay leaves 2 tablespoons of sugar 4 tablespoons of vinegar 1 baby green pepper 2 cloves of garlic 1 teaspoon paprika
Throw everything into a mincer (chopper / blender thingy). Mince until it looks a bit like pesto. Decant into an appropriate bottle (I used the Woolies Rocket and Pesto sauce one). If it looks something like the image - you’re GOOD TO GO.

Taste rating - 7/10

Burn - Depends on the chillis you use. This 6/10.

Garlic Punch - Intense!

Lamb and Mint Potjie Recipe

Another potjie from cohort Darren Ogden. This one was created alongside (multi-tasking, yes, men can do it) the Quick ‘n Dirty Chicken and Apricot Potjie on the banks of the Tyolumnqa river in the Eastern Cape.

This recipe is slightly more involved, but hell, potjies are a pretty easy platform to work from eh? In fact, we pretty much made this one up on the fly. Lamb is good. Mint is good. Potjie is good. Coincidence? No.

La Lamb and Mint Potjie

1.5 kg lamb shank 2 cans tomato and onion 1 can butter beans 50g tomato paste (tomato sauce can be subsituted but that’s lank classy) 2 handfuls fresh mint Rajah’s curry powder (or other) 750g baby potatoes 2 Red Onions 3 Carrots (medium sized) Garlic to taste Ginger to taste
Get the oil super hot before throwing in the tomato and onion and garlic / ginger. You want to hear a TSSSSSSS! Otherwise stoke the coals up, you’re too cold. Brown the meat, adding the curry powder in about half way through. The lamb will take a little while to brown prope…

Chicken and Apricot Potjie Recipe [Quick ‘n Dirty]

Here’s a quick turnaround, no nonsense potjie recipe containing chicken and apricot.

This was whipped together in under 2 hours by co-conspirator, Darren Ogden, alongside the river in beautiful Tyolumnqa, Eastern Cape. Google “Tyolumnqa”. If you can spell it. We’re not even sure we can. It really is the most tranquil out-of-the-way relaxing place to experience. Perfect potjie ground.

Chicken and Apricot Potjie

1.5 kg chicken off the bone 500 ml cream 2 table spoons apricot jam 2 handfuls mange trout (those funny flat bean things) 1 handful mini corn 1 punnet mushrooms 1 handful coriander Garlic to taste Ginger to taste Lots of curry powder Fresh chillies to taste
Ready? Brown the chicken in a bit of oil, chuck everything else in (mushrooms last), quick stir, lid on, leave for 2 hours. Done and dusted!

Chicken Curry Potjie Recipe

So here’s a little recipe where you get to throw caution to the wind and be liberal with the sprinkling.

Made this on an excellent hike (Baviaanskrans in Kgaswane Nature Reserve, Rustenburg). The first day, going from Avon More Camp to Explorer Camp is a nice little stride, get’s the quads going. No more than 9 or 10km (a bit of up and down for the "drinking" hiker).

As with any hike potjie, no one is bring the measuring spoons. Get creative!

Chicken Curry Potjie Recipe

3 large onions 12 pieces of chicken on the bone Packet of Butternut pieces 6 Potatoes, chopped into thirds 4 Tomatoes, chopped fine 2 Punnets mushrooms 5 Carrots chopped into thirds ¾ Bottle of White Wine 2 Chicken Stock Oreganum / Oregano 2 to 4 Chopped Green Chillies (more chillies on the side if you like) ½ Pack of Rajah Curry Powder (or any old curry powder) Salt Pepper Aromat / Any old potjie spice
Right. So here’s where you get creative… Brown the onions in a tiny bit of oil. Brown the chicken as well. The…

Lamb Rogan Josh Potjie Recipe

Home early? Feel like a beer or a bottle of wine and a lazy cooking experience? The Stove Potjie is the thing for you… It's basically a small potjie pot with a flat base. You'll often find these at camping shops.

Coupled with a Rogan Josh curry approach - makes for a super easy and tasty mid week dinner.

Lamb Rogan Josh Potjie Recipe

200g Cubed lambOil 2 teaspoons Rogan Josh spice ½ teaspoon Thyme 250 ml beef stock mixed with hot water 1 tablespoon tomato pasteHalf a handful of cherry tomatoes 1 giant potato! Cubed. 2 chopped carrots or other vegetables (to taste, really) Coriander
It’s so simple, it’s criminal. 

Heat potjie pot with oil in the bottom. Fry up the lamb. Add the Rogan Josh spice. Fry up the lamb a bit more. Add the stock and tomato paste. Throw everything else in. Wait 2 hours. Grab that beer and open that wine. Just before serving, add the fresh coriander into the pot... 

Chicken and Apricot Potjie Recipe

Did a potjie the other day worth sharing. Some advice: you’ll need another 400ml of liquid (more than the recipe says) - we used more chicken stock dissolved in hot water. Cooks in 80 minutes flat - quick, easy.

TASTE: 9/10. What a beaut. The apricots make it. I don't care what they say about 80's food.

Chicken and Apricot Potjie Recipe

45 ml cooking oil 1 kg chicken thighs 10 ml salt 4 bay leaves pinch of dried thyme 4 black pepper corns pinch of ground allspice 45 ml chutney 500 ml carrots, peeled and sliced 6 large potatoes, peeled and sliced 500 g whole button mushrooms Half a packet dried apricots125 ml boiling water 1 chicken stock cube
Heat the oil in the pot. Sprinkle the thighs with salt and fry the chicken, a few pieces at a time, until golden brown. Add the herbs, spices and chutney. Arrange the carrots, potatoes and mushrooms in layers on top of the chicken. Add apricots. Dissolve the stock cube in the water and add it to the potjie. Replace the lid and simmer for app…

Potjie Recipes coming to

For a while I've had a fun little side project, run under the brand The older I get, the more I realise how hard it is to keep a side project going and keep it looking professional. But. I still like potjies - a lot. So I'm pulling all the recipes onto here so it's just easier to update and creates on less property to maintain.

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NOTE: You'll see about 30 posts straight after this one if you're following this blog live. Sorry about that. Tried to export Tumblr (where Extreme Potjie used to live) to XML and get it imported into Blogger and failed dismally. Be damned ye SEO - I'm just copy pasting.