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Goodbye SA Top Sites...

Ah. It's been a tumultous relationship - marred by highs, lows, and low lows (how the heart beats when it sees 1 visitor). I'm speaking of course, about SA Top Sites and their widget stats tracker - faithfully installed by over 4000 South African sites. (Alas they seem to be down at the time of skryfing this post). Some said their stats were high, some low. At the end of the day, it was a simple solution that served its purpose. But they were just down for too long. About a week, or more, if I'm not mistaken. And a week, in the fast paced world of the Internet - is just too much. So I'm leaving them. And what do they care. A change of ownership, a change of servers. This stuff happens all the time. But if anyone, anyone feels the way I do - just in search of something more - it suggests a nice fat market gap for one of our homely aggregators, Amatomu or Afrigator to take up the charge. Do it properly though. People want meaningful stats - and Amatomu is getting p

Coding all night...

With deepest respect to some of our developers at the office... after coding all night (I spec'd and bug'd - do I LOOK like a coder?)... It sometimes feels like you've been... Coding on crack... All in aid of a pretty fantastic cutting edge enterprise 2.0 app for these guys ...

A Blogging BEST OF collection?

I've been wondering. Why not release a BEST OF collection on your blog. 1. It helps when you're a bit low on content. 2. It eases the stresses and strains of... Just. Got. To. Post. Today. Or. Will. Lose. Loyal. Readership. 3. Not everyone reads all your content, all the time - therefore some may miss the good, juicy stuff. Don't you get that feeling sometimes? Like there is this constant pressure to produce regular insightful content. I've noticed it on All Scrubbed , which does a fair lick of traffic. We don't post for 3 days and traffic immediately dips. Is that kind of expectation fair? (Where do you people get the time to post so much??) I'm not sure... Yet I suppose I'd be wary of a Bullard-like backlash if the A-listers reckon I'm rehashing. What do you think? I reckon a lot of good content goes to waste because people are too scared to dip into the archives and dust off / repost. Then again, knowing the fickle nature of the web - it could sno

Bollocks to the speed of blogs.

Holy shitballs. I have just gone out on a LIMB. Presenting my dear Mother's foray into blogging to the world. And I find she's posted pictures of me. Bollocks. Thank God she didn't use my real name :) I won't be indexed.

My Mother. The Blogger.

The inevitable has happened. Or was it inevitable? I don't know. But I bet there's not a lot of you out there who can brag that their parents are hopping on the social media highway. But lo and behold, it happened... Me mom (the legendary Carol Hadfield - or at least, now legendary) lives in Cape Town and is something of an artist. So, what better way to vent that creative frustration while promoting your work to the world than a blog? And yes, I used Blogger , not WordPress. So wah. But really because me mom is not a Linux Engineer and I couldn't be arsed to phone friends of friends everytime the bloody thing breaks! Do us a favour - check it out - she'll get a huge kick out of the traffic! And leave a comment if you have a moment. Heheh. Her blog here ... My favourite charcoal drawing here ...

5 tips to use Blogger properly...

Not sure if everyone knows this already, but there are a couple of hints and tips to make your Blogger blogging experience a tad more comfortable. Like with all cutting edge hosted apps that replicate desktop experiences (in this case, DTP) - there are funnies and flaws that need to be worked around. Hope it helps. 1. Uploading images . Never, ever do this in Compose mode. For some reason, the HTML gets placed or interpreted incorrectly and you end up with an extra paragraph mark or two between each paragraph. Rather use Edit HTML, click to the very top left of your text, drop in the image, then go to the character of your post, and push backspace to make sure it's right next to the last > of the picture HTML. This pretty much solves the image posting issue. You can now go back to Compose mode and continue. 2. Using quotes . Again, great feature, stylised differently on each template. Tricky to use. Same approach as above. Never used Compose mode. Flip to Edit HTML. Select the

Nokia N73 Battery Life

I just got a full 4 days out of my new N73 - which I'm very impressed with by the way. What's with that? I've seen a N80 bum out in 8 hours with heavy use. Ok, ok - I switched it off for about 6 hours of sleep a night - but still. I have a feeling this goodwill of mine will end as soon as I talk to someone who has had the balls to try out the N95 :)

Ye olde technology - le Book...

Working in tech, you sometimes forget how far we've come. I saw a video recently that spoke about the generation of kids (and that makes me sound old) leaving school/varsity now in the States. They don't know life without the Internet. And they're going to be hitting corporates now - infiltrating the marketplace with new ideas and savvy. That's going to mean a lot in the industry. Until it happens, I like to sit back - and remember where we came from. Here's tech support from the 1400's. Har. Har.

Can I pay my traffic fine online?

A mail doing the rounds - I hope the banking details are correct - or many fines might get deposited into a clever scammers account! :) Quoted verbatim: YES, this is another new service for those who do their banking over the Internet. It requires that you arrange for your bank to set up the City of Johannesburg as a beneficiary to payments from your bank account. Follow these easy steps. 1 Logon to Internet Banking 2 Select the [BILL PAYMENTS] link AND load a PRIVATE BENEFICIARY. 3 Beneficiary Name: City of Johannesburg 4 Beneficiary Reference: Type in your fine notice number, example: E2/00000/200/000000 5 Branch Code for Internet Payments - 63200500 6 Account Number: 4054398332 (NB: The bank account number to pay Traffic Fines differs from the bank account number to pay for Rates and Taxes, Electricity and Water). BANKING DETAILS FOR THE CITY OF JOHANNESBURG - METRO POLICE DEPARTMENT FOR FINE PAYMENTS: Bank: Absa, Branch Code: 637956 Account number: 4054398332 IMPORTAN