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The New Mac - Even the mighty fall...

Ah. I knew it was going to happen - probably not this quickly - but I do seem to have a propensity for breaking fancy systems :) Managed to break my new MacBook PRO today. OK. So, I'm being a little sensationalist. It crashed. Had to do a hard reboot. What the problem was - I'm not sure. Had Skype and AdiumX running. Maybe FireFox as well. Tried to launch SPAZ - which is an OSX Twitter app (and pretty funky too if you'd like to check it out). Icon bounced up and down, and then just never stopped bouncing. Then, my clock stopped. Hovered the mouse over the clock and I got the "beach ball" of death. Clock stopped running as well - so was almost late to get into the traffic. Tried to shut down, then got the desktop background of non-response. Eventually switched it off. And now I'm back. Two things. Firstly, the only frustrating thing (and really, can't complain too much as I really don't know how to drive this thing properly yet) was that I di

A Mac User is Born

Converting the world, one Windows user at a time... - Anonymous Took the plunge today and finally got onboard the Mac bandwagon. Fine time too. Vista went into the bluescreen loop I spoke about before. Then crashed on me agin today. I'm over it. First impressions: * Packaging . Oh my. These guys really know how to get you excited before you've even opened the box. I have never experienced packaging like that. In fact, I'm writing a paragraph on packaging? That's gotta mean something. * It just works . They weren't lying. Open the laptop, quick boot. It. Just. Works. * Level of coolness . That's why they invented the term "fanboy". There is a level of "coolness" about the Mac machine and the interface that can't be explained until you've played with one. Suddenly I feel the need to be parked at a coffee shop writing the great South African novel. Hmm. I, Andy Hadfield, do hereby promise to report faithfully on my Mac experienc

Decision to buy a Mac? VINDICATED.

I can but smile. Finally, put the order in for my brand spanky new MacBook Pro today - and what happens? Vista blue screens on me. The irony drips. As best I could figure out, Vista installed an automatic update at 1:38am last night. When I restarted because the system was getting klunky - it went into that beautiful blue screen loop. Boot, blue screen, boot, blue screen, lah lah lah... Can you BLAME me for leaving the world of M$?

Flying Sharks and Flying Tanks.

This is so COMPLETELY off topic for this blog - I apologise in advance. But it's not often you see a motivational poster so sardonic. And funny. I just had to. Bear with me.

Five reasons why Vista beats Mac OS X

Har. Har. Har. Don't you love the "new internet". Which information travels faster around the world than it does from brain to fingers? Here's a great example of some really shallow journalism (from a pretty well known portal ). It's amazing what people will do for traffic. 1. Write a headline that will bring in fanboys by the HORDE. 2. Tease people with the promise of some in-depth analysis and considered views. 3. Write crap. 4. Sit back and watch the ad clicks. You have GOT to read the comments on this one . An extract. To wet your appetite. The conventional wisdom, that Mac's OS X is superior to Windows Vista, is flat-out wrong. In fact, despite much belief to the contrary, Vista is a superior operating system. Here are five reasons why. Reason #1: Vista runs more software Mac OS X is a very pretty operating system, but beauty runs only skin deep. An operating system by itself is a poor thing -- it's the applications that run on top of it that

SARS and How to Send An Email

SARS has some really clever people. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to implement rock-solid e-filing systems and chase down all the naughty non-payers. So you would think that this talent pool extended to online. Here beginith the lesson... How NOT to send an Email: 1. Don't use non-standard size fonts. 2. Don't use font colours 3. NEVER put text on a colour background if you can avoid it. 4. Attempt SOME kind of segmentation. Telling me to submit when I have already - just shows you're lazy. Points 1 to 3 are a surefire way to land up in the spam bin. Point 4 - well that's just common e-marketing decency. Sigh .