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ZA Tech Show Episode 173 - Just an Algorithm

In this episode you’ll hear the voices of casual wine aficionado Andy Hadfield and international man of mystery Stafford Masie who join Simon Dingle to discuss; HP’s new direction. Amazon’s rise as an ecosystem player. The future role of network operators. The information revolution. Motorola’s XOOM and Atrix. News from Gamescom. Kids and computing. The Twitter ‘walkout’. ‘Retweet’ and ‘sexting’ entering the dictionary. Our technology picks this week: Stafford Masie: Arduino and Quantified Self . Andy Hadfield: Carbonite . Simon Dingle: Mobile Mouse . CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OR STREAM THE SHOW

Rules for (Business) Survival from ZombieLand

If you haven't seen ZombieLand, I highly suggested you get off your little tushi, toddle on down to the video store or any other creative commons sources (I'm joking, piracy is bad, unless you wear an eye patch). In the movie, the main character runs through a series of rules needed to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Besides being hilarious, they offer some brilliant, different-angle lessons for business. For many industrial age companies, surviving in the digital world must feel a little like the zombies have come. Anyway, just some fun :) RULES FOR SURVIVAL IN ZOMBIELAND Cardio The Double Tap Beware of Bathrooms Wear Seat Belts No Attachments The “Skillet” Travel Light Get a Kick Ass Partner With your Bare Hands Don’t Swing Low Use Your Foot Bounty Paper Towels Shake it Off Always carry a change of underwear Bowling Ball Opportunity Knocks Don’t be a hero (later crossed out to be a hero) Limber Up Break it Up It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless

MindBullets: Twitter faces sanctions at the UN. (20 April 2012)

If I left out the dateline on this FutureWorld MindBullet, that could well be considered "click bait" :) But I didn't. So view this like it's intended! An interesting future scenario. Obviously written off the back of the London Riots, it deals with a really what happens when the "power pendulum" swings all the way to the man-in-the-street. I use that metaphor mostly when referring to the relationship between brands and customers, but it works in terms of politics and societal issues as well. What happens when social gets too powerful? When we're all too connected? The high road scenario might be a world in perfect balance. Politicians and companies that really care, because if they step out of line, they get crushed. But a more likely low road scenario , especially in the near future is that humanity does what humanity always tries to do: impose systems of control. I particularly love the sentence where China looks back at the UK and goes: &qu

Samsung Omnia with Windows Phone 7 Review

You're going to hear a lot of talk about "ecosystems" as Windows Phone 7 (Microsoft's new SmartPhone Operating System) starts to gain momentum. An ecosystem is a pretty critical element of the modern technology landscape, worth getting to grips with. Software Ecosystems has a very broad, strategic definition of ecosystems: A human ecosystem consists of actors, the connections between the actors, the activities by these actors and the transactions along these connections concerning physical or non-physical factors. We further distinguish between commercial and social ecosystems. In a commercial ecosystem the actors are businesses, suppliers and customers, the factors are goods and services and the transactions include financial transactions, but also information and knowledge sharing, inquiries, pre- and post-sales contacts, etc. Social ecosystems consist of users, their social connections and the exchanges of various forms of information. To put it plainly, App

SXSW 2012. You don't need bandwidth to be awesome!

Howdy y'all (said in my best Texas accent)! I would be uber grateful if you could hop over to the SXSW 2012 PanelPicker and vote for my and Brett Haggard's panel. We think it's a doozy, and we'd love to tick "presented at SXSW" off the bucket list. Of course, Brett has already, but that didn't count. :) Here's an outline of what we'd like to take to the digital citizens of the world, during the world's largest digital culture conference... You don't need bandwidth to be awesome Always-on, high-speed connectivity is the ticket to doing awesome stuff in technology today. But in a continent like Africa, ‘The Cloud’ is something ‘The Rain’ falls out of. And still, innovation in the technology realm has managed to flourish and even outpace the more developed world. We’re talking about television services that use the DVBH standard to beam football matches and news into rural villages; social networks that were designed for exclusive us

Water Financial - a crowd funded, environmental South African "bank"

This press release found it's way into my InBox the other day - and piqued my interest: Water Financial . From what I can gather, this is early stage outreach to crowd fund a South African "bank" or financial enterprise that will finance socially, culturally or environmentally focused businesses. That's interesting on many levels. My immediate questions, and why I'll be watching this project: Can they succeed where CrowdFund failed? (Crowdfund was that wonderful local "angel investment" idea that disappeared into nothingness - apparently because of difficulty collecting the pledges made by the public) A bank license is expensive (very expensive). Is this a bank play or an investment play (don't need a license to lend money)? Is it the beginnings of a peer-to-peer lending play (something I think Africa is RIPE for)? Aw hell, I just like innovative projects. Is it just me, or are we seeing a LOT more buzz around the local tech startup spa

South African Mobile Industry Stats 2011

Fascinating South African Mobile Stats report just out from Nielson SA. The report itself comes at quite a hefty price, but they've released an infographic summary that has some really interesting data points on it. I always find, when doing consulting or talks, that there are some BIG preconceived notions about what's actually happening in our mobile industry. Adoption is almost always underestimated. My favourite question is to ask an audience how many Please Call Me's they think get sent every month in this country. Most guesses range between 100 million and 300 million. I've done a rough back-of-the-cigarette-box calculation, which puts it at about 1 BILLION. And while I'll never get the cellphone companies to confirm, they do nod softly! So, if you got that stat wrong, you owe it to yourself to peruse this infographic. Stick it up on the wall at work. Let it tell the story of mobile adoption in this country. Chat to Nielson about the report on @Nielson_S

ZA Tech Show Episode 170 - Protect or Die

This week our studio is graced with foremost technology analysts and wines that could fuel heavy machinery. Andy Hadfield, Brett Haggard, Steven Ambrose and Simon Dingle discuss; Twitter users halting a suicide in SA.  Diablo 3 enabling real-world purchasing of virtual items.  3D phone screens and how much we don’t need them.  The survivalist cult of PC gaming.  Amazon halting Android app sales because it’s being sued by Apple.  The “badgeification” of Google News.  Our technology picks of the week: Andy Hadfield: The 4-hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss . Simon Dingle: Tripit and Flight Update Pro . Brett Haggard: Spotify . Steven Ambrose: Sony STR-DN1020 receiver . CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OR STREAM THE SHOW

27% of rural users browsing the Internet on their phones...

"27% of rural users are now browsing the internet on their phones." -- Arthur Goldstuck, 2011 This fact, and the picture below, recently posted on Facebook, reminded me of the great times in Bergville, Reserve B on the LoveLife documentary shoot. Make no mistake lads and lasses - Arthur's stat reveals a tipping point in this country. That's 1 in 3 rural users - connected. That changes the game, both from a business perspective and from an empowerment perspective. Good times indeed... You can read the whole Bergville Reserve B story here ... Find a report of Arthur's study here or check out his website here .