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The Post Office isn't dead - it's just been reinvented! [MINDBULLET November 2014]

Excuse the shameless plug for the FutureWorld Group here, but this is a fascinating little scenario. With all the ads I'm hearing on international podcasts, it's pretty evident that the world of the Post Office is under serious disruption. And we've always been looking for a mainstream application for 3D printing. What do you do with a business that has a massive footprint and an archaic product/service offering? A business mashup. What do you think? Dateline: 9 November 2014 They're becoming high-tech 3D print shops Five years ago everyone was predicting the collapse of postal services from Argentina to Zimbabwe. After all, the use of 'snailmail' had dwindled to a trickle and postal services were incurring massive losses. So who would have believed a bold leap by PostPrint, the newly-renamed postal service of Holland, would change that future? Lead by the Dutch example, postal services all over the world are running 3D printing ce

ZA Tech Show Episode 231 - Whine About the Wet Spot

Brett Haggard, Andy Hadfield and Dominic White congregate for episode 231 of the ZA Tech Show to discuss: The launch of Windows 8 some corporate levers for BYOD and how it measures up security-wise. Reuters, Gizmodo slam the Surface and WinRT. Security around Windows 8. General password and security tips. Google’s device launch: Samsung Nexus 10 Tab, LG Nexus 4 Smartphone with wireless charging. ICS finally makes it onto Motorola Razr in South Africa. Steve Jobs’ yacht launches. Windows Phone event – 120k apps. Apple announcements, price drop on 3rd Gen iPad. Facebook’s paid-for post promotion mechanism. Anonymous threatens Zynga. Our technology picks of the week: Andy Hadfield picks funny WiFi networks, and . Dominic White picks , totalspaces and totalterminal. Brett Haggard picks Vodacom LTE service and Joss Whedon’s Youtube on Mitt Romney. Grab the full audio version of the podcast here.