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It's Friday 13th - and World Kindness Day! How to take part... [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is no better day to practise a random act of kindness than on World Kindness Day, which is being celebrated globally on 13 November. Besides just being a good thing to do, kindness has been directly linked to good health – the simple act releases the feel good hormone oxytocin, which protects your heart by lowering blood pressure. “It’s not just the apple that will keep the doctor away but kindness too,” says Andy Hadfield, CEO of forgood ( ) an online social platform that connects people to Causes. “Giving back and doing good is a global trend, it’s become integral to work culture, with employees putting it high up on their list of work satisfaction criteria.”  Takes just a moment to be kind. Why not start on Friday 13th 2015? :) Visit Hadfield’s sentiment is backed by Trialogue, a corporate sustainability business that estimated an R8.2-billion CSI contribution by local businesses in the 2014 fiscal year. These findings are s