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INTERVIEW: forgood, the social giving site and employee volunteering platform

This was an interview Katherine Robertson and I did with the Tech4Africa team. I didn't see it get published - and it was quite a cool interview to do, interesting set of questions. Thought I'd publish it here for prosterity - it gives some insight into our thinking behind the forgood platform. Enjoy! --- snip --- Interview questions answered by Andy Hadfield (AH) – CEO of and Katherine Robertson (KR), Head of Corporate Programmes. OCTOBER 2015  What problem does your business solve? Or, what problem do you solve? AH : Forgood connects people and businesses to Causes. On the consumer side, we’re seeing a groundswell in “activist” behavior. Not only the protest kind, but people generally wanting to be more socially involved in their communities. With a lack of technology (especially technology at scale) in our social sector, there hasn’t always been an easy channel for these people to mobilise through. How can I get started? Where can I get i