Blogger donkey PINGED. Cowboys upset.

Here I am waffling on about the great PING rates of our servers vs. cheap hosting. Quite funny to take a look at Blogger itself, the platform upon which this blog speaks it's pearls of wisdom to the masses.

505ms AVERAGE. This cowboy is evidently riding on a donkey. What happened to the matrix like troupe of server farms alleged to be hiding somewhere within the Googleplex?


  1. Ever wonder why we host Wordpress ourselves instead of using free services?

  2. Ah, WordPress snobbery is back! I like it. :)

    OK. So what if you got digg'd - got heaps of traffic for months. Bandwidth bill get you down?

  3. So maybe its not necessarily "cheap" hosting because its overseas, but international bandwidth via hellkom thats the problem?

  4. now THAT could very well be. I think i should try do a tracert as well - and see where this thing falls over, or where it's actually going in the first place. Results from the first PING OFF are in. Scary stuff. SLOW response from almost all our major portals. Post out soon. Watch this space :)


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