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How Can We Help You - FNB's Financial Community

It's been a long time coming in this country, and another proud move towards a true virtual community. Today, FNB launched How Can We Help You , a niche social network centered around financial content. And I'd like to think we really are first to market here. Corporate brands can easily become "social" for social's sake. It's a little harder to target a particular niche, create content and take the big risk of opening yourself up to a very critical South African Internet audience. Those first steps are always the hardest. FaceBook is easy by comparison. You post some stuff, you answer one or two wall posts, add a gallery... But the real experience of engaging with people online only comes when you throw an entire community together. “The key concept behind How Can We Help You is ‘Financial Ubuntu’. We aim to attract an active online community that shares personal finance trials, tribulations and learnings. Information from credible sources is aggregated