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We are not alone.

Recently, a 50 metre insect invaded Germany . Or so it seemed. The fuss turned out to be nothing more than a 1mm insect, squashed between the scanning plates of a satellite mapping service. But within hours, millions of “earth explorers” around the globe were talking, blogging and sharing this amusing occurence with each other. Fact. All images Copyright Google. As funny as this story is, a more serious and useful point can be taken up. If a large and obscure community can generate this much net chatter, this quickly. – are there others out there? Information suggest there are plenty. Wikipedia lists a community of over 500,000 “earth explorers” that has formed through common interest in satellite mapping tools: Yahoo Maps , Google Maps and Google Earth . Value being placed on companies that generate and manage communities is astounding. Skype sold to E-Bay for a couple of hundred billion. MySpace was recently valued at around $15 billion – both based predominantly on a ma

U Googely?

Ben Stiller (Zoolander) couldn't have been more prophetic… not only did his minced words at a funeral foretell the next technology superpower – but as he proceeded to put a cellphone the size of a peanut to his left ear – he also predicted the downsizing and globalizing of every facet of modern day communication. Well… maybe. I've had the privilege of touring Europe recently and the sneak peak of what's to come when Telkom's Reich ends is enticing to say the least. Take for example, the modern European business man's ordinary day in technology (paying special attention to how an entire life can be lived inside a simple internet browser - or even within the world of Google Services). Gets up, has designer Cuban coffee. This of course, has been ordered over the internet and delivered to his door the previous weekend. Walks over to the laptop desktop which is "always on" the internet. Nothing new to a handful of South African's privileged enough to expe

What the hell is web analytics?

Web analytics is a cornerstone in not only measuring the success of your site, but in generating future revenue through your site. Gauging the amount of traffic entering and exiting your site and understanding the current trends on your site is something no marketer can afford to ignore. One of our larger hosting clients is currently running a viral marketing campaign. After analysing their stats we found that of the visitors attracted to the competition, more visitors were leaving the web site than entering the competition. A quick change to the copy and these figures started improving... Without a good analytical tool, this could not have been achieved. Some more info on the types of analytics tools: First Generation: The first generation of web analytics technology is based on log-file analysis. Log-files are a histor of all interactions with the website. These applications analyse the log-files to produce the web statistics. The main difference between applications competing i